Class Acts- November 2017

Teaching Fire Safety

Each year, elementary students throughout Marion County learn about fire safety during October. That’s when first responders from Marion County Fire-Rescue and Ocala Fire Rescue stop by with engines, fire-fighting equipment and more. The goal is to portray firefighters as friends so kids don’t hide from them during emergencies. The experience puts youngsters face to face with at least one firefighter in full bunker gear.

More Parking For Purple Hearts

Eleven schools and offices throughout our school district now have reserved parking for Purple Heart recipients. The military medal honors those wounded in combat and recognized for their significant sacrifice. The reserved parking spots, all privately sponsored, make it easier for local veterans to visit schools to share their real-life experiences with students. The latest schools with spots include Belleview and Belleview-Santos Elementary and Belleview Middle.

Perfect Scores From The Auditors

School secretaries and bookkeepers process thousands of financial transactions every year. Now imagine a perfect score when it comes to someone auditing that paper trail. These four schools recently received recognition for perfect audits in the last few school years: Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary, Hillcrest, Howard Middle and Ward-Highlands Elementary.

Dads’ Day At School

Hundreds of men, including dads, took part in “Dads Take Your Child to School Day” just a few weeks ago. Schools opened their doors and breakfast clubs to fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and other positive male role models. In exchange, kids got to spend time with those who normally don’t start their morning at school. Kudos, dads!

Logical Thinking

Students at Lake Weir High are learning how to manage inventory, process orders, strategically pack boxes and even drive a forklift thanks to the school’s new Logistics Career Choice Academy. Students handle processing for outlying schools to receive supplies through the Tools 4 Teaching program. A similar program at West Port High processes supplies for homeless and needy students in the district.

Diversity Artwork Displayed

Greenway Elementary student Sophia Lorenz shared her award-winning artwork with school board members and Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier recently. Lorenz’s design captured the top spot for this year’s REACH Unity Breakfast sponsored by the City of Ocala.


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