“If someone picks me for the job, then I’ll make sure they see the drive and the passion.—JEFF GENTRY “Being in shape is so important because of the way it can make you look and feel.”—LONI PFEIL “I don’t really consider it a good training session unless the client has a few laughs.”—DAN CHAPMAN “I became a personal trainer because I come from a very overweight family.”—CYNTHIA MOSTACCI “Compass provides the most comprehensive health-oriented programs in the area.”—ADAM BRYNIARSKI

With the New Year comes that inevitable list of resolutions. And what’s usually at the top? A healthier lifestyle. With three locations throughout Ocala, outstanding facilities, and a highly qualified staff, Compass Health & Fitness can partner with you to achieve that goal.

“Compass Health & Fitness has evolved into a multi-health club organization,” says Adam Bryniarski, president and director of operations. “We’ve redefined and elevated the concept of health and fitness in Ocala, especially over the last year. Through our three locations—Compass Main, Compass East, and our brand-new 24-hour facility, Compass X-Press—we provide the most comprehensive health-oriented programs in the area. Each offers something unique and exciting to our members.”

Adam stresses that he’s redefined Compass Health’s mission by bringing in a whole new management team to match the company’s progressive goals for 2008. See? Even companies have New Year’s resolutions!

But how about your resolution? If you’ve tried diet and exercise before—like many of us have—then you may want to try a different approach this year. Get personal.

Personal training at Compass is the ultimate way to reach fitness goals of any level—as a beginner, as an intermediate, or as an accomplished fitness enthusiast. The journey begins by choosing a personal trainer from the experienced staff (see sidebar) and then having a complete fitness analysis, including body composition and metabolic rate.

These are just a few of the different types of personal trainers that Compass offers. Which one fits your style the best?

Motivate Me!

Need a gentle—or not-so-gentle—push in the right direction? Then Jeff Gentry can help. He specializes in helping his clients reach their goals with encouragement and support to reach their next level of fitness. Jeff is a positive trainer who enjoys working with many types of people.

“My first client lost 35 pounds in a little more than two months,” Jeff remembers. “Seeing how happy she was made me want to help many more people. That’s a huge reward.”

Jeff became a personal trainer to motivate people to stay healthy. He knows long-term fitness takes dedication and discipline, two attributes he shares with his clients every day.

But he knows he’s no Superman.

“I think every personal trainer has their special ways about them,” he says. “But if someone picks me for the job, then I’ll make sure they see the drive and the passion.”

Get To The Core!

Loni Pfeil describes herself as happy, outgoing, caring, and assertive. She’s a strong proponent for cardiovascular training, strength and weight training, as well as core strengthening. She also realizes she’s different from other trainers.

“I just try to be as real as I can,” Loni offers. “I’m always myself and I think people see that. I’m always looking for ways to improve and to strive harder to be better.”

She understands that a regular workout regime and proper nutrition are the keys for long-term weight loss and fitness goals.

“Being in shape is so important because of the way it can make you look and feel,” she says. “I expect my body to take me to different levels in my life, so I encourage healthy living by simply making it a way of life—eating right, working out, and trying to keep stress out.”

Now she shares that message with the people in her classes.

“My most rewarding client is Gail Smith,” Loni says. “She’s so determined and has really put her all into training with me. Working for Compass has really shown me that being a trainer is truly my calling. I love helping others reach their fitness goals.”

Kick Up The Cardio!

Dan Chapman is a certified personal trainer committed to not only assisting his clients in reaching their fitness goals, but also teaching them to enjoy the intense, cardio-burning workouts. He strives to stay on the cutting edge of fitness and constantly looks for new techniques to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of each session.

“I really get a kick out of training people that are so enthusiastic I have to hold them back,” he says. “I don’t really consider it a good training session unless the client has a few laughs.”

Letting his self-described sarcastic sense of humor flow during the workouts, Dan feels that as his clients’ needs and wants differ, so should their routines.

“I make training schedules completely personalized so no one does the same thing,” he says. “This is more rewarding—for me and the client.”

Dan describes himself as “a proud Christian” who is honest, ethical, and committed. His own story often inspires others.

“I was 132 pounds when I started lifting weights, so I know what it feels like to have a poor self image,” he recalls. “But I became a personal trainer because I love people and I enjoy working out. The combination seemed natural.”

Lose The Baby Fat!

Strong, loyal, honest, fun, and creative are five simple ways to describe Cynthia Mostacci. While she loves to help many different kinds of people reach their fitness goals, Cynthia is also a mother of a 10-month-old baby girl, Sophia  (pictured on the cover), the beautiful reason she specializes in helping women who need to lose “baby weight” and tone up after pregnancy.

“I’ve had a lot of memorable clients, but one of my most rewarding was an expectant mother,” Cynthia recalls. “It was her first baby and I trained her all the way through her pregnancy so she wouldn’t gain too much weight. I still work with her now—she’s in great shape!”

As a mother of two adorable girls, Cynthia’s personal motivation is to set a healthy example for her clients. She also enjoys working with teens and excels in sports specialties.

“I became a personal trainer because I come from a very overweight family,” she says. “When I started at Compass, I was immediately impressed with the variety of services. It’s more than a gym—it’s more like a health club.”

Choose Your Trainer
(And Your Location!)

Compass Health & Fitness has three locations and dozens of personal trainers, so there’s no excuse not to get moving on your New Year’s resolution—now! But why take that extra step? “A personal trainer will initiate a fitness program, hold you accountable for your workouts, and remove the intimidation factor of coming into the gym,” says Adam Bryniarski. “Also, a personal trainer will help customize a program designed for your specific body type and individual goals. This will help you see results faster.” But not only does Compass Health & Fitness offer an excellent variety of personal trainers, it also provides many different types of fitness classes to all its members. So on the off-days from the trainer, try one of these no-cost classes instead: Strictly Strength, Aerokick, Butts & Guts, Stretch & Flex, and Urban Striptease Aerobics, to name just a few. No more excuses—join today!

Compass Main
524 South Pine Avenue
(352) 401-3488

Compass East
3438 East Silver Springs Blvd             
(352) 401-0500

Compass X-Press
(24 Hours- Opening mid-January)
2660 SW College Road
(352) 401-3488

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