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A PAINTED SIDEBOARD  and rustic accessories lend
interest in this Tuscan-themed room.

WHEN CINDY KAZAKEVICIUS MOVED into her new home, she wanted to add some personal style to the formal dining room. To complement the existing wall color—called “Folksy Gold” by Sherwin Williams—Cindy enlisted the help of decorator Danielle Morris to accessorize the space.

“We built the entire room around the paint color,” says Danielle. “It turned out beautifully.”

Since Cindy wanted to create a rustic, Tuscan look without too much clutter, Danielle helped her find the right accent pieces.

“When accessorizing a room—before you purchase anything—have a vision for your space,” adds Danielle. “Once you decide on a vision, choose accessories which are a reflection of you.”

Cindy only had to look up to begin her room renovation. An existing wrought-iron chandelier fit perfectly into the Tuscan theme. Positioned above a double-trestle table, the light fixture commands center stage. Danielle then layered the table with a neutral-hued, hand-stitched fabric runner. A colorful arrangement completes the tablescape, but doesn’t compete for attention. Keeping accessories simple was the main goal for Cindy and Danielle.


JUST THE RIGHT MIX— use different plates               LAMPS are always a perfect 
and patterns when setting the table.                         accessory when decorating.

Tall leather chairs wear a paisley print backing to add an element of the unexpected. A Peruvian sideboard made from rich South American wood lends a luxurious feel to the dining room, accenting the color palette.

“The sideboard was chosen as a decorative accessory rather than just serving as a piece of furniture,” says Danielle. “Sometimes furniture is an accessory more than a candelabra or a painting.”

Two table lamps are positioned on either side of the sideboard along with a burl wood bowl filled with flowers. A studded, leather framed mirror adds balance to this sophisticated vignette. Danielle designed the room around a few large accent pieces, rather than many small ones.

To complete the area, Danielle added a few accessories to the wall including a pair of hand-forged iron candle sconces. When lit, these candles give an earthy glow to the room—just what is needed when setting the mood for an elegant dinner party.

Along with something new, there is something old—twin antique cloth paintings of fruit that came all the way from Texas, courtesy of a family who previously owned them. This space is definitely one that will be used for hosting a multitude of family and friends for a long time to come.

The dining room’s classic elements mixed with a bit of old and new, make for an elegant setting worth its salt in Tuscany, by way of Marion County.

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