Dentistry Made Simple

Two diamond burs work feverishly, precisely cutting intricate angles and creating rounded corners out of a small block of porcelain. Water splashes about the milling machine, keeping the burs cool and protecting the porcelain. In a matter of minutes the machine cuts off and all is still.

Using CAD/CAM technology, Drs. Agatha Cayia and Anibal Castro of Baylee Dental in Summerfield offer their patients a convenience that very few dental offices offer—one visit restorations.

“Our patients are extremely excited that we have the CEREC- One Visit Dentistry System,” says Dr. Cayia.”It’s not just about dentistry—it’s about customer service.”

Whether a patient is in need of a crown, inlay or onlay, Dr. Cayia says Baylee Dental can “create a custom-fit, precision-cut restoration in just one visit.”

Before this current technology was available, patients first had to sit through an uncomfortable impression before being fitted with a temporary restoration. It might have taken several weeks before the final restoration was ready to be cemented. Using the CEREC 3-D camera, however, no impressions are needed, there are no temporaries, and patients leave the same day with a perfect-fitting, color-matched bonded restoration.

Dr. Cayia says “The technology is very impressive, and so is the convenience to our patients.”

Shelia Collier agrees. A Baylee Dental patient for several years, Shelia recently had a crown made using the CEREC procedure.

“It was a piece of cake,” Shelia says. “It was very convenient not to have to return for a second visit and it was fascinating watching the crown being made.”

Both graduates of the University of Florida, the doctors at Baylee Dental created an office atmosphere that is “unlike most dental offices,” according to Practice Administrator Donna Medlin. “We take our patients’ time very seriously and we pride ourselves on respecting everyone’s busy schedule. There is no double-booking of appointments, and each patient has a time reserved exclusively for them.”

At Baylee Dental, Donna says, there are no 30-minute cleanings. Instead, each patient is given the proper time to fully evaluate and treat their teeth and periodontal condition.

“We educate our patients on the importance of oral health,” says Donna. “Our goal is to help patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime.”

Just one of the services offered to each patient is the ViziLiteoral cancer screening system. This test allows the doctors to screen for any potential problem areas within the mouth. If found and diagnosed early, oral cancers can be successfully treated. Veneers, partials, dentures, bridges, endodontics, implant restorations, whitening, and general dentistry are also available.

Dr. Cayia put her passion for interior design to work when creating her Summerfield office. Patients won’t find bare white walls and uncomfortable furniture. Instead, Dr. Cayia has created an environment that Donna describes as “personalized service in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“We invite anyone to come by, take a look, and meet the staff,” Dr. Cayia says. “Guests are always welcome.”

Baylee Dental
16850 S. Hwy. 441, Suite 301
Summerfield, Florida 34491
(352) 307-3006

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