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Interested in creating a fresh new space that speaks to your soul and reflects who you are without having to spend all of your life savings? Me too! It’s what I live for. It’s my absolute fave, and it’s actually quite easy.

Here’s the thing: Home styling is all about expressing who you are. So many people have expressed to me their hesitation on styling their own space or even having input on it due to all of the rules to make a space look “just so.” And yes, there are many rules you can choose to follow. But the key to finding yourself in the space you inhabit is to be yourself in the process of creating it. For me and my personal taste, there’s one word that I focus on with my styling choices: natural. I want to be surrounded by as many raw materials as possible in my space because the feeling of nature for me is peace. I want to walk in and feel loved, understood and welcomed. Maybe your word is family or glamour or minimal. The easiest way to come to a resolution on how you want your home to represent you is to ponder what really brings you happiness. Be patient with yourself. You’ll find it. Just listen to what is happening around you and what lights you up.

One way that I incorporate nature into my space is by using unexpected items as art interests.

For instance, my husband loves coffee, and I love the natural fibers of a coffee bag, so for art interest above my gathering place, I framed out a coffee bag with pallet wood that I whitewashed with watered-down paint. It’s one of my favorite pieces displayed in our home. When I see it, I think of all the coffee shops we’ve visited over the years, I smell the fresh ground beans and I smile at the conversations had over some of the best brews around.

I DIYed this piece because to purchase something similar at a boutique or online store could cost around $150. I spent $5 at a local thrift store on the coffee bag, and the pallet wood was free. (Tips: Go in to any store you see pallets behind and ask for them; the answer is usually yes. Also, look for the letters HT [heat treated] branded on the pallet to ensure no chemicals were used.)

Here’s the process I used: Measure the bag. › Cut the wood to fit using a jigsaw (an inexpensive purchase at any local hardware store, or better yet, borrow one). › Build the frame, using hammer and nails. › Lay the two side pieces on the floor. › Rest the top and bottom pieces on the side pieces, making sure they are lined up. › Nail them together. › Put a dollop of white paint into a paint mixer bowl. › Add a splash of water, and mix. › Apply paint to the front of the frame. › Once dry, turn the frame over. › Staple the coffee bag to the frame, pulling the burlap tight as you staple. › Once complete, attach jute rope to both sides of the frame and to hang it on the wall.

Now I have an intentional piece of art that can be used with many styles, including farmhouse, French country, minimal and rustic boho chic. You can also frame a favorite fabric, yard art or even leave the frame open and hang something separately within it. A DIY project is so much fun because you get to put your own stamp on it. Give it a try; you can do it, too!

Pictured: DIY coffee bag art, sugar mold with faux succulents and DIY 10-foot-long gathering table that I built from furniture store pallet wood—so it was free!

For more details, follow @aprilrosedesignco on Instagram.

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