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Elisha Lopez, a licensed Florida real estate broker, Florida real estate school owner and instructor, has established herself as an influential figure in the industry. Her innovative coaching methods and dedication to her agents’ and students’ success have earned her numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious title of 2021 worldwide ambassador for Realty World International and most recently as an honoree at the 6th annual local International Women’s Day event as an Influential Woman in Business in Marion County.

With hundreds of agents and students having learned and honed their real estate skills at Ocala Realty World (ORW) from Elisha and her husband and business partner Luis, her impact on the industry is unmistakable. Elisha’s expertise reaches a global audience through her educational videos for Realty World members and Youtube followers.

Elisha’s students often find that completing her classes provides them with the freedom and flexibility they need to pursue their personal and professional goals, including increased earning potential and financial security. As a testament to her success and commitment, ORW consistently ranks among the top 10 brokerages in Marion County and 100 nationwide, offering a full range of services for properties at every level of the market.

Elisha’s ultimate goal is to help others, both in business and in life. This commitment to giving back extends to her brokerage’s outreach program, ORW Cares, which organizes annual events to support the local community and assist those in need.

Backed by almost 24 years of experience and extensive market knowledge, the ORW team promises success for every buyer, seller, investor and ORW School of Real Estate student. With Elisha Lopez at the helm, the future of real estate in Florida, and beyond, looks bright.

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