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Throughout the centuries, the affluent traveled to Europe to indulge their minds, bodies and spirit in luxurious spa treatments that left them feeling refreshed and renewed. As time has past, luxury 5-star resorts throughout the U.S. now offer similar services for their guests, no longer requiring a trip overseas. Yet for many, there is still extensive traveling involved.

Ocala residents Dr. Michael and Marsha Holloway appreciated that in today’s hectic environment, traveling only added to their stress, discouraging many from enjoying the pleasurable experience that only a spa could afford. It was their desire to open a spa destination to area residents that would capture the essence of Europe’s oppulent resorts and offer exotic spa treatments and state-of-the-art medical procedures. That desire led to the newly opened Marchelle’s Paris Medical Spa.

Marchelle’s is a haven for some of the world’s most luxurious spa treatments that use renowned techniques and top-of-the-line beauty products. At Marchelle’s, you’ll travel on a soothing voyage filled with revitalizing and purifying massages, personalized facials, and exotic herbal skin treatments.

And that’s just the beginning.

A New Concept

Marchelle’s Paris is a spa destination with a difference, offering the ultimate in both health and beauty treatments. The medical professionals at Marchelle’s Paris combine knowledge and experience with the achievements of natural sciences and technology.

Located in a charming white building off 25th Avenue in Ocala, the atmosphere and ambiance in Marchelle’s is reminiscent of a first-class resort. Once inside, the busy noises from the outside world quickly melt away as you sense the beauty of your surroundings.

Marsha and her husband, Dr. Michael Holloway, a former Olympic-level athlete, set out to develop a medical spa unlike any Ocala has ever seen. The waiting room is lush, sophisticated, and exquisitely decorated. Marsha’s mother was a talented designer, and Marsha developed a keen eye for style and grace herself. Embellished in crimson and black, the waiting room whispers tranquility. Custom-designed mahogany frames the windows and a collection of vibrant flowers and rich greenery overflow from an elevated shelf.

The patient treatment and consultation suites, where a variety of medical enhancement procedures take place, are equally stunning and appointed. The rooms are painted in soothing hues, and luxurious duvets and linens ensure patient comfort.

High-Tech Treatments

While many think of Ocala as a sleepy town, the Holloways know that many Ocalans are very sophisticated. While in the process of creating Marchelle’s, the couple went out of their way to create a first-class, comprehensive spa. In doing so, Marchelle’s is the first to introduce Ocala to a variety of treatments that are revolutionizing the medical enhancement industry, including the Accent non-surgical lift system. This heat-based treatment plan is a revolutionary way for patients to receive the benefits of a facelift or tummy tuck without the complications and pain that go along with the familiar options.

“It’s half the price of plastic surgery,” co-founder Marsha Holloway says. “And we’re the only location in Florida offering this treatment.”

They’re also one of the first to offer the Hydra Facial. Similar to microdermabrasian, this treatment utilizes a soft suction machine to cleanse and purify the skin. The skin’s pores are first opened by a refreshing burst of water. Next, a serum is applied to your skin, deeply penetrating and cleansing the pores, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. In addition, the latest laser treatments for hair, tattoo, and spider vein removal are also available.

“We’ve been very discriminating at Marchelle’s,” Marsha says. “If we can’t offer something first class for our patients and customers, we’ll wait until we can.”

All medical procedures and treatments offered at Marchelle’s and IBM are medically supervised and FDA approved. Many of Marchelle’s offerings are rooted in cutting-edge technology including bio-identical hormonal therapy, the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, and Mesotherapy. With VISIA, a thorough scan is taken of your face, revealing underlying skin damage before it reaches the surface of the skin. Early detection of such issues allows for targeted and more successful treatment options.

Mesotherapy is a medical technique that has been utilized since the 1950s. This practice of painlessly injecting vitamins, minerals, medications, and amino acids under the skin’s surface was originally used to treat conditions such as vascular disease, sports traumatology, and arthritis. Soon after its discovery, Mesotherapy was proven to have tremendous success in reducing cellulite cells under the skin. Today, Mesotherapy has many applications including both overall and spot-weight reduction, cellulite reduction, hair loss, scar revision, and skin toning through the reduction of wrinkles.

Marchelle’s also has many other services available including the Zeno Acne system and both Botox and Collagen injections, just to name a few.

“We even offer Collagen injections in the ball of your foot,” Marsha says. “As women, we often wear high heels and experience a good amount of foot pain. A Collagen injection gives you more support in your foot and helps ease pain and discomfort.

“The treatments and services we offer at Marchelle’s combine beauty enhancements with the latest in scientific advancements. “I try everything we offer,” she continues. “We won’t offer a procedure to our patients if it hasn’t enhanced our own lives in some way.”

Whether you need a healing touch or just desire a long-overdue escape, Marchelle’s Medical Spa, as well as its sister company, the Institute of Bariatric Medicine (IBM), offers its patients a vast array of both medical and upscale spa treatments, in addition to comprehensive, physician-directed weight management programs. The two companies were a marriage made in heaven.

Healthy living and healthy eating are at the forefront of everything Marchelle’s and IBM stands for, and both are taken very seriously by Marsha and Michael, who certainly practice what they preach. At Marchelle’s, a physician or medical assistant can determine any vitamins or minerals your body is deficient in, customizing your vitamin intake to directly suit your body’s individual needs.

“Instead of taking a cocktail of vitamins that you think you need,” Marsha says. “The vitamins you’ll be taking are tailored and compounded to your body’s exact requirements.

“After formulating a heathful regime for our clients we found they began to lose weight and feel better about themselves,” she continues. “In turn, they started showing more interest in their appearance, clothes and hairstyles, as well as improving other aspects of their lives.”

An Upstairs Retreat

The second landing of Marchelle’s Paris houses the newest and most luxurious spa in Ocala. The once-plain loft has been exquisitely transformed into an old-world oasis designed to pamper and indulge. The walls are covered with layer upon layer of rich paints to achieve an ancient, crackled appearance. Imported Canadian spring water, coffee liqueurs, wine, champagne, juices, and a tempting selection of gourmet treats await guests.

“We’ve thought of every detail,” Marsha says. “Even our water is 100-percent pure and only available to five-star hotels.”

Upstairs, a trip to Rome will yield impressive Greek columns, while the Paris suite features turn-of-the-century furniture, pendant lighting, and lavish, thick curtains. The soothing sound of trickling water emanates throughout the spa. Marchelle’s offers its clients an extensive array of choices when it comes to exotic massages (more than 250 in fact), including the area’s only stress relief massage. Other offerings include the Chocolate Decadence massage (an invigorating treatment with your choice of nourishing oils with delicious flavors like chocolate, raspberry, chocolate mint, or chocolate cherry), reflexology, Japanese Shiatsu massage, and a variety of aromatherapy treatments.

For an amazing sensory experience, try one of Marchelle’s custom body wraps or paraffin therapies. The Sayonara Cellulite treatment can dramatically improve your body tone with a complete seaweed regimen. The Herbal Hibernation Wrap is a delicious experience that detoxifies your entire body with an aromatic infusion of allspice, lavender, calendula petals, clove, eucalyptus, ginger root, and rosemary.

You can also experience a unique martial arts form called Qi-Po at Marchelle’s. One-on-one sessions with their master martial artist will help you center your mind, control your thoughts, and work through low-impact body movements that allow you to realize a relaxed and heightened state of mind. These exercises improve your range of motion and increase your overall strength by conditioning your breathing and improving motor skills, heart rate, and blood pressure. Qi-Po fitness classes are available in 30-minute or one-hour sessions.

“We wanted to bring a first-class cosmopolitan center to Ocala,” Marsha says. “You no longer have to travel to get the high-quality medical enhancement and spa services you desire.”

“At Marchelle’s,” Dr. Holloway adds. “We take care of the whole person through a complete spa experience.”

Marchelle’s Paris Medical Spa
2139 NE 2nd Street, Suite B-2A
(352) 368-2148
(866) 401-8942

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