Experienced Collision

Experienced Collision, Inc. is staffed with real car craftsmen, and they promise a convenient experience every time.

Damaged Vehicles Require Experience

Car accidents range from inconvenient to traumatic, and vehicle damage can be a simple fix or require some real expertise. Experienced Collision, Inc. is situated between Ocala and The Villages because automotive accidents happen in every town, and they want everyone to have access to a professional repair. Their mission is getting every vehicle back to like-new condition with minimal hassle for their customers.

Owner and operator Joe Barnes boasts 37 years of experience in the collision repair industry. He values every car and customer, prioritizing the needs of both. He promises a professional experience from the moment you step through the door. From body work to automobile glass replacement in the doors, front windshield, or rear glass his staff can take on any challenge.

Concerned about shady hidden costs? Joe says at his shop, you’ll never be hit with surprise charges. The Experienced Collision, Inc. repair process begins as a professionally trained technician supplies a detailed written estimate and a clear description of all repair work. The folks at Experienced Collision also work directly with insurance companies, so no customer is caught in the middle juggling technicalities.

Of course, just because your vehicle needs some TLC doesn’t mean you should be without transportation. Thanks to his many years in the collision business locally, Joe has built solid relationships with rental companies in the area and can provide a car while yours is in the shop. He’ll also provide updates to owners throughout the stages of repair to minimize concern and make sure they are informed about their vehicles.

Because they have the customer’s interest at heart, the folks of Experienced Collision, Inc. will add additional discounts to help you save on your deductible. They’re urging car owners in need of repair to bring in their insurance-provided estimate and see how much they can save. Joe guarantees the work done in his shop will last for the vehicle’s lifetime and be well worth every penny. For an experience so convenient it’s unheard of at a reputable repair shop, Experienced Collision, Inc. is exactly where your vehicle should be.

Experienced Collision

6005 SE 68th St., Ocala

(352) 347-1309


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