Expert Whole Farm Veterinary Care

Dr. Yayanti Sonday is an experienced, highly skilled and compassionate veterinarian providing routine and emergency mobile care for farm animals and horses.

Farm owners have long known the convenience of veterinary house calls for their livestock, but the option for at-home veterinary care is a great alternative for a variety of animals. Dr. Sonday offers expert mobile veterinary care on your property, reducing stress on your animals and eliminating the hassle and anxiety of transporting them to a clinic.

Dr. Sonday has been operating in the Ocala area for more than 10 years and has established a devoted group of clients that praise her for her expertise, compassion and caring.

While she initially established her practice around the equestrian industry, she soon broadened her clientele to include all sorts of animals. Dr. Sonday believes every animal should have world-class veterinary care, whether it is a pet, performance animal, show stock or production animal.

“I have clients with horses, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas, and other farm animals,” she explains. “I love working on all species of farm animals from large dairy goat herds and specialty cattle to individual pets.”

She has many equine clients, including world champion American quarter horses, show horses, pet horses and donkeys.

“They all get the best veterinary care possible. I work with some of the top specialists in equine medicine, surgery and podiatry in the country to ensure my clients get the best result. I enjoy helping people and making sure their beloved horse is cared for in all stages of life and no matter their ‘use.’”

There are very few other veterinarians in the area that have the same extensive experience with, and the willingness to work with, such a large range of farm animals—which has made her a sought-after local expert.

“Anything I can’t handle on the farm is referred to the University of Florida,” she offers.

What also sets her apart is her commitment to compassionate care.

“I believe that all animals—no matter their intended purpose—should be treated humanely with respect and compassionately treated for diseases, injuries and pain relief,” she explains. “All surgeries are done with anesthesia or heavy sedation, from dehorning to castration. It doesn’t matter that they may end up on a plate for dinner. While they are here, they should be treated the same or better than the cats and dogs who have the honored purpose to be our companions and make us happy. Why shouldn’t we treat the ones who provide us dairy products or make the ultimate sacrifice even better?”

She also partners with the owners to ensure they are not only a part of the treatment plan, but that they understand all their options.

“My clients appreciate my candid and honest approach to communication and educating them on helping them have the happiest healthiest animal possible,” Sonday offers.

When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her own dog, horse and cat, as well as tending to her saltwater reef fish tank. She also loves to travel and engage in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit, email or call (904) 434-4452.

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