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Three little boys with big, innocent eyes are hard to resist. Add a photo of them holding an Ocala Style magazine with a written plea for a room makeover and they’re positively irresistible. The boys’ mother, Julee McCammon, asked us to turn her cold and uninviting family room into a functional and warm space that her entire family could enjoy.

Situated in Ocala’s historic district, the McCammon home has lots of charm, but in typical Victorian-era style, is challenged in space. This called for a special design team and Tina Anastasia of Eleganza Interiors gladly accepted our challenge.

After meeting with Julee and her husband Mike, the Eleganza team developed a design plan with one goal: create a functional space for every family member.

“We needed a room that brought us together so we could watch TV, play on the computer, or do a craft,” says Julee.

First, the design team had to convince the McCammons of a major structural change — eliminating the oddly-placed fireplace that took up valuable wall space. The McCammons agreed to say “Goodbye, fireplace, and hello, media center” and the renovation began.

“When the fireplace was removed, the whole feeling of the room changed,” says Julee, “I would never have thought to do this, but it’s a huge improvement.”

The design team applied an antiquing painting treatment on the walls while giving the ceiling a rich maroon color, bringing instant warmth to the room. An elegant leather sectional was added to snugly fit a previously lonely corner. One end of the sectional is a chaise that mom now cherishes as “her spot.” Two tufted ottomans cleverly serve as both a comfy resting place for tired feet and a coffee table. Tina credits Jago Furniture, Decorative D’Lites, and Wholesale Furniture Dealers with making the space so special with well-appointed accents.

And what about the eliminated fireplace? This wall now serves as a multi-purpose media space housing the large-screen television, stereo equipment, and a computer niche offering a much-needed area for Dad that can also serve as a homework station for the kids. Julee’s favorite piece of furniture is the oversized armoire that required some creative maneuvering to fit into the room, but was worth the effort.

“We really tried to keep everyone’s needs in mind when developing the design,” says Tina.

Even the boys have their own retreat with a spot dedicated just for them. A neglected niche is now a fun kids center complete with a miniature table and chairs. Painted baskets hang on the wall holding crafts and crayons. But, that’s not all. Tina and her team found three identical mini-recliners for the boys to enjoy viewing TV with Mom and Dad.

“This was such a positive experience that I feel like I’m dreaming every time I walk into the room,” adds Julee.

Eleganza designer Courtney King agrees.

“The overall experience to work with the McCammons was just wonderful,” says Courtney.

And to celebrate their beautiful transformation, the McCammons decided to host a “Sip and See” party for friends to sip some wine and see the finished results.

With its stunning finishes, comfortable seating, and functional furniture, this family room is now a perfect retreat for the McCammon family.

Straight from the Decorators

“We wanted to make this room a place that everyone enjoyed so it would be both functional and fun.”
Tina Anastasia,
Owner, Eleganza Interiors

“This design shows it’s possible to integrate today’s styles in a Victorian home.”
Courtney King,
Designer, Eleganza Interiors

Tips from the Decorator
* Remove eyesores like misplaced fireplaces to create additional space.
* Keep every family member’s needs in mind when renovating.
* Any object can serve different purposes like an upholstered stool as an ottoman and coffee table.

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