Family-Owned Business: Owen Construction

(L–R): David, Michael, and Dustin Owen.

When it comes to family-owned businesses in Marion County, few are as trusted and well-known as Owen Construction. The award-winning custom home builder is a true family affair, from David and Lorraine Owen who started the company in 1979 to their sons Michael and Dustin who work side-by-side with their parents, building some of Central Florida’s finest homes. In fact, the business first began with Lorraine’s father who operated a residential construction company in Ocala in the ‘60s.

“Every decision we make, it’s ‘What would I want done in my house?’” Michael says of the business’ familial culture. “The teamwork is undeniable here. We all have confidence in each other’s way of doing things.”

And the results are always top-notch. With numerous, flexible floor plans to choose from and one-on-one contact with either David, Michael, or Dustin, not superintendents, throughout the construction process, homeowners experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their family’s home is in the capable hands of a company who truly understands family.

In addition to building every home with only the highest quality products, Owen Construction ensures that every client receives continual service—before, during, and after construction. For 25 years, Lorraine has offered complimentary design consultation to Owen homeowners at her in-house company, Interior Preferences. Here, clients can discuss color schemes, flooring, fixture choices, and other design elements directly with Lorraine.

“The customer gets the benefits of three generations of experience and accountability,” she says.

“Working with family,” Dustin agrees, “everybody has the same goal in mind. We listen to each other’s opinion because we respect each other. We all have something to bring to the table.”

With so much history in Ocala—from Lorraine’s father first starting out to a possible fourth generation of builders in Michael and Dustin’s young children—the Owens plan on many more years in the community and many more top-quality houses delivered to their clients.

“Every home we build is one we hope we’ll see around for the rest of our lives,” David says, “and one we’ll always be proud we built.”

5331 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala 
(352) 624-1983

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