Family-Owned Business: Polished Salon

Working with family, so the conventional wisdom goes, can be downright impossible. Not if you ask Melissa Goodson, though. Her downtown Ocala business, Polished Salon & Boutique, is thriving precisely because of family involvement.

In fact, her business is filled with relatives, from her co-owner and husband, Roy, who handles the books and sister Tracie who helps organize community events to her dad, Ted, who is the go-to handyman whenever a plumbing, painting, or installation project arises.

“And my mom runs the boutique area,” Melissa adds, pointing to the decorated tables and racks in the salon’s corner. “We wanted it to be something fun where there are some trendy handbags and jewelry, and it’s inexpensive.”

The cheerful salon, with its irresistible pink-and-black décor and tidy row of windows overlooking the corner of Magnolia Avenue, has seemingly defied the recession. Melissa opened the first Polished location off of Silver Springs Boulevard, in June 2008, quickly outgrew the space, and moved into the current location in May. They have grown steadily, an ever-appreciative Melissa says, over the last 18 months.

While the quality of the Polished team’s work—which includes haircuts, color, styling, extensions, nail care, and waxing—clearly sets the salon apart, the customer satisfaction guarantee is also a key to their success. Keeping clients and employees closely involved is another. Polished is heavy on the family aspect of family business.

“We do a lot as a staff family,” Melissa agrees. “Our clients feel like they’re a part of our team as well. Everybody plays an integral part.”

When Tracie lost her job at Taylor, Bean & Whitaker this past summer, Melissa immediately brought her onboard and she now coordinates community involvement for the salon, including this month’s Royal Dames fashion show.

“She’s had her cosmetology license for years, so we thought it was natural that she join the team,” explains Melissa, who calls her “my right-hand sister.” “I created a space for her because that’s what you do as family.”

Melissa’s nephew Jerred, Tracie’s oldest son, regularly helps out, too, by passing out the salon’s flyers during local events. As for the family’s littlest member, Melissa and Roy’s two-year-old daughter Addison, she’s involved in a different way.

“All my daughter wants is her nails polished,” Melissa says with a laugh.

She’s certainly in the right family.

108 North Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 102
Ocala, FL 34475
(352) 854-3456

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