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Boones’ family room while also honoring the family’s
strong Florida Gator allegiance.

THE FAMILY ROOM IS THE HEART OF A HOME. This is the place where everyone comes together to relax, mix, and mingle, so developing a space that invites comfort and company is the key objective for creating perfect family gatherings.

Jodi Boone literally spent several years collecting design ideas for her new-construction southeast Ocala residence that she shares with husband Kirk and their three young sons, Owen, Bryce, and Collin. She laughs, saying her home was built “based on magazine clippings.” Her family room is a beautiful reflection of this attention to detail.

Warm khaki walls and creamy white ceiling beams and crown molding set the stage for a calm, yet bright, ambience. A whitewashed limerock stone fireplace centers the family room, which is open to the kitchen as well.  Kim Scudder, Jodi’s interior decorator, said comfort was key in assembling all the right elements for this space.

“The Boones are a warm and close family who like to be together,” says Kim. “I wanted this room to be very comfortable.”

Texture was important, so Kim and Jodi layered fun fabrics with elegant, yet practical, furniture. Two antique side chairs were “must haves” for Jodi once she saw them at a local design store. The soft chenille upholstery dressed in a subtle orange and blue check was an appropriate nod to the Boones’ allegiance to the University of Florida. A leather sofa and large round ottoman lend practicality to the space that the Boone boys can enjoy.

Two leather swivel chairs accommodate an ideal view of the television, which is tastefully stored in a black distressed armoire.  Vivid original artwork complements the traditionally styled room. A separate sitting area with two off-white upholstered side chairs bookend an oak table and serve as the seamless divider between the family space and kitchen area.

With its comfortable furniture, elegant touches, and understated fabrics, this family room is a perfect retreat for a family that cherishes being together.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK enhances                         A SIMPLE SEATING VIGNETTE gives
the neutral tones on the walls.                        this double-duty space an ideal spot 
                                                                                for entertaining.

             A CASUAL DINING TABLE creates                       The richly appointed sitting area is a
a visual buffer between the family                 popular place for Owen and the
room and kitchen area.                                     Boone family dog, Skootch.

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