Financial Advice You Can Count On…Tax Season & Beyond

Hema Rupnarain – Photo by John Jernigan

Almost everyone needs financial advice come April 15. But if you’re tired of entrusting your finances to someone you just met, perhaps it’s time to build a relationship you can rely on beyond tax season.


As a Certified Public Accountant, Hema Rupnarain feels it’s her responsibility to build comfortable, honest relationships with her clients by providing year-round financial advice they can understand and implement into their everyday lives.

What sets you apart from other certified public accountants (CPA)?

I put myself in my clients’ shoes to better understand their needs and create an atmosphere that is conducive to open communication. I also make sure to take the time to explain any work I have done on their behalf. If I have prepared a tax return or financial statement and the client has no clue what the numbers mean, I haven’t done my job. As a CPA, it is my responsibility to turn meaningless data into useful information for my clients.

Tell us more about your background and the services you offer.

I spent a combined 10 years gaining experience in tax preparation, financial auditing and corporate budgeting by working in public accounting and the corporate world. My client base consists of individuals, small businesses and non-profits. Among others, the services I offer include accounting, tax planning and preparation, new business formation and retirement and estate planning.

What is your favorite thing about working as a CPA?

The true satisfaction I receive in working with my clients is watching them implement my advice into their everyday lives or their businesses. Passing on what I know helps them grow and succeed. There’s no better reward for me than being able to solve my clients’ financial issues and plan for a satisfying and comfortable future for them.

What should someone consider when choosing a CPA?

Determine the extent of your financial needs, and then find a licensed CPA with a reputation for honest work and a quick response time. Get a feel for a CPA by talking to them about your life and finances. So much of a good business relationship is built just on the way two people’s personalities connect, and if you find that you aren’t meshing well with your CPA, it’s probably a good idea to keep looking. Remember, this is someone you’ll be trusting with your finances and turning to for advice, so it’s important that you choose a CPA who is a good fit for you or your business.

Are there reasons to work with a CPA outside of tax season?

Absolutely. CPAs are more than just professionals who do your yearly taxes. On the individual level, they can advise you on major life events, including buying/selling your home, financial aid for college, marriage/divorces and much more. On the business level, CPAs should be part of a business owner’s professional team, along with a banker and lawyer, from the inception of the business to the wind down of operations.

What is your best financial advice for individuals or small business owners?

First, educate yourself about financial matters; don’t rely on someone else to make financial decisions for you. Seek advice from professionals, but become an active participant in the decision-making process. Second, budget! Spend less than you earn, and learn to live within your means.

Hema Rupnarain, CPA, P.A.

Certified Public Accountant

13520 East Hwy 25, Ocklawaha

Phone: (352) 288-9800

Fax: (407) 386-3034

1306 East Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala

Phone: (352) 351-9880



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