Find Your Dream Farm With Ocala Horse Properties

Chris and Rob Desino and Matt Varney of Ocala Horse Properties continue to be the leading real estate company selling horse farms throughout Ocala and Marion County.

They also own Wellington Equestrian Realty, and between both companies, these three represent the largest portfolio of premier horse farms in the world. Ocala Style sat down with Ocala Horse Properties to ask about their experience and what drives their business.

What are your backgrounds in the equestrian real estate market?

Chris/Rob: “After selling our restaurants in New York, we felt as if the horse farm real estate business was the next step and chose Ocala because we both had wintered here with our horses. We had invested in Marion County horse farms and had firsthand knowledge of the value and charm of the area.”

Matt: “By my mid 20s I was a leading salesman specializing in large property acquisitions for a private residential/commercial development group. I met Rob and Chris shortly after, and we started our sister company, Wellington Equestrian Realty, in Palm Beach, which I ran for six years before focusing on the Ocala market.”

How do you ensure your clients make a wise investment and find the perfect property for them?

Rob: “We believe in a comprehensive approach, and the first outing to look at properties with a new client from out of town can even last a few days. Clients will leave with a market education, a firsthand knowledge of specific properties suited for them and, hopefully, a contract in hand for their future dream farm. That complete focus allows for a vital and open discussion of Ocala, the area and any questions from the client. It’s time well spent!”

What makes a buying or selling experience with Ocala Horse Properties extraordinary?

Matt: “We’re unique because we are a true team. The three of us are business partners who share in every successful transaction we have. When you hire us, you don’t just get one agent—you get the entire team. As a team, we believe that true experience in real estate means you are consistently involved in successful transactions, which is something we do year after year.”

Why should a client work with Ocala Horse Properties when looking for their perfect farm?

Chris: “We know this market better than anyone. We have found that potential customers like to work with a group that has a proven and recent track record of wise Ocala investments. Many of our clients trust us to help them make decisions as if their property was our own, something we take very seriously. We know our clients are going to be our neighbors, and we treat them like one from the beginning.”

Successful Results

Thinking about buying or selling?
Since January 1, 2015 ($600K and up):

The TEAM at OHP – 18 SOLDS
Next closest Realtor – 3 solds

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