Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Case

Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Case

Why advertisements shouldn’t be your No. 1 resource for finding legal counsel.

Are you sick of all those daytime television lawsuit commercials? Legal advertisements seem to flash onscreen constantly, but when you need legal counsel, remember: The first name that comes to mind isn’t always the right one for you. It’s more important to seek a firm with proven success trying your type of case.

Jarrod King, senior partner at King Law Firm, suggests that anyone looking for legal counsel start by doing their research.

“If you know others who have experienced the same legal issue as you, get their opinions on the lawyer they chose,” King says. “Visit the website of more than one firm to read about their approach to handling cases and the results they have obtained in their cases. Find out if your case will actually be handled by an experienced lawyer, or if you will be passed off to a paralegal or a lawyer with little experience.”

These steps are crucial to ensuring you find the best representation. While many practices have memorable jingles and constant commercials, King warns against choosing your lawyer based solely on their advertisements. The best way to learn about a practice’s track record is to call them directly.

“Call the law firm and ask to speak with an attorney. That attorney is required to honestly answer your questions about past results in cases similar to yours,” says King. “There is no requirement of legal proficiency to advertise, whether that be on a billboard, TV or radio. Those who have to advertise have to do so for a reason. They either cannot obtain business through referrals and word of mouth or they operate on volume—like a law factory rather than a law firm.”

King Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases and has been fighting for injured citizens in Ocala and Marion County for the last 25 years. They’re known for their success in personal injury and wrongful death cases and have developed a reputation for success among community members and local experts. If you’d like to learn more about King Law Firm’s past results or areas of expertise, King invites you to call.

“King Law Firm has a large number of lawyers who refer cases to us as they know they will be handled correctly. In fact, we have earned those referring lawyers in excess of $3 million in referral fees this year alone,” he says. “Many times, a doctor is the first person someone turns to after an injury. Doctors in our area know that when they suggest their patients seek a lawyer that King Law Firm is a great option.”

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