From The Publisher: The Gifts Of Spring

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Maybe it’s because I’ve always enjoyed having a garden and this time of year is the perfect invitation for a visual feast of colorful annuals in my yard. Most weekends, I can be found at a home and garden store browsing through the aisles for just the right plant that’s begging to belong in my home. I seldom leave the store with an empty cart!

I also appreciate the fact that this is the season of renewal in many ways, reminding us of the need for some serious spring cleaning. It’s time to attack that overstuffed closet, messy garage, and mysterious kitchen drawer that won’t close. (Admit it — you have at least one of these, don’t you?) There’s just something about the hint of warmer temperatures, crisp blue skies, and Crayola-like landscapes that invigorates the soul and the desire to start anew.

And that brings me to the subject of our second edition of Ocala Style Home & Garden magazine. I like the idea of new beginnings and our inaugural issue of this publication last year was very well received. I believe, and hope you will agree, our informative features, stunning photography, and vivid visual illustrations made this the premier home and garden magazine of choice for Central Florida readers.

This second issue promises to be just as special, with helpful decorating hints, beautiful home features, informative garden tips, and inspirational profiles about people and places you know. Or perhaps would like to know.

This magazine is all about ideas. Like the pages of Ocala Style every month, we’re trying to offer valuable suggestions you can use in every nook and cranny of the place that you love best — your home.

I know that my favorite home magazines are those that give me tangible takeaways with practical, easy, and inexpensive ideas. It was my intention to provide you with page after page of helpful ideas in Ocala Style Home & Garden, giving you exactly what you were looking for and, of course, so much more.

I’ve read through this issue several times already and have to admit my home project list is quite large. I may be a bit biased, but I think this is one of the best publications of its kind in this area. I hope you will agree. Be sure to let me know how your home projects are coming along. Who knows? Maybe we’ll read about you in a future issue.

In the meantime, I need to get back to my garden. I hear a flower calling my name.

Kathy Johnson

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