Full Circle: All That Glitters

I was not a “crafty” kid. I am not referring to the devious definition, but rather the slang version that implies skill at taking a piece of paper or a few beads and making something useful. I was all thumbs when it came to being creative with something other than a pen or a typewriter.

Just a couple of years ago, however, close friends encouraged me to pursue a couple of new hobbies that would take me away from my computer—making rubber-stamped cards and beading. At first, I resisted with excuses of no spare time, no patience, no artistic talent, and so forth. But my friends persisted, and their elaborate creations and intricate designs enticed me to give crafting a try—at least when we were visiting each other. And I have to admit, it was especially fun to work on projects together. Before long, I was hooked.

Make that addicted.

I couldn’t pass a craft store or bead shop without spending some bucks. And with two hobbies that I couldn’t choose between—it would be like choosing between those friends—the expenses really mounted. The color spectrums of glitter glues and Swarovski crystals were astounding. It’s like shoes—you can never have too many. I certainly did my share to keep the craft stores in Lake and Sumter counties, as well as points north and south, in business. 

I occasionally blamed my husband for helping to ignite my expensive habit. About the time I was learning these newfound skills, he broke his right foot. I had to drive him back and forth to work, and as luck would have it, I passed a Jo-Ann Store and a Michaels along the way. What self-respecting beader or stamper could pass up those crafting meccas with weekly 40-percent-off coupons in her purse?

Just when things were almost under control, my card-making pal from Orlando called to tell me she was sending her supplies to me. Stamps, ink pads, card stock, the works!

“Why?” I asked. The answer had something to do with space in her spare bedroom and that she had moved on to knitting. I said I would keep her stamps for awhile, and they’d be here if she changed her mind. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had temporarily given up rubber stamping to make room for my beading supplies.

The holidays and work got in the way, and my pursuit of bling only resulted in a couple pairs of earrings. Just as I was trying to figure out what to do with my cache of beads and tarnished silver findings, my other friend from St. Pete arrived for a weekend visit. In her arms was a colorful box that she presented to me with a big smile. “I thought you might be able to use these,” she said.

I opened the box to find hundreds of glittering beads and all the things needed to make every necklace imaginable. 

“No place to keep all this stuff,” she said almost gleefully. “And I want to try heirloom sewing.”

Knitting… Sewing… Sorry, ladies, I can’t follow you into these new ventures, and it’s not because my guest bedroom looks like a mini-craft store. While those passions are certainly commendable and useful, they just don’t have enough bling for me! 

Have a sparkling day,

Mary Ann

Mary Ann DeSantis lives in The Villages.
Read more of her writings at

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