Game Changer

Nikki Serrano doesn’t just want to sell you a house. She is devoted to not only finding you the right home, but helping you transition into the community as well. It is her mission to help make your real estate dreams come true.

“Knowing that I can do that for my clients brings me joy,” she offers.

She explains that her reason for becoming a realtor in the first place was born out of her personal experiences and frustrations over the years.

“My husband was military and I was on the opposite side of real estate when we started out,” she recalls. “Having personally moved and purchased many times—and being on the wrong end of the deal—is what truly brought me into this field. Growing up in Central Florida has given me an innate understanding of the economics that drive this area, so it was an organic fit. I have been very creative and know the many different ways in which a transaction can move—how to create a deal or keep it on track. I have always been amazed at how experience and knowledge can make or break a deal,” she continues. “Those things are the heartbeat of real estate.”

Serrano began her career in real estate around 2016 and quickly moved up the ladder, becoming one of the top producers at the firm within her first year there. She then parlayed her successes into creating her own agency. She has been so successful due in part to her ability to navigate the changes in the market and successfully guide her clients.

“I understand the ebb and flow of buyers and sellers,” she explains. “People are migrating to Florida on a scale not seen since the ‘70s and, contrary to the last boom, where it was fueled by wild lending practices, we are having a lot of cash buyers come in and stabilize the market. I believe there will be a lot of movement in the next few years but, as of now, just dancing between the traditional buyer/seller pattern and the new influx of Floridians is the new hurdle. That is why I am so lucky to have a close-knit network of industry professionals, which makes for a smooth and seamless transition for my buyers and sellers. This is imperative to not only win contracts in this market, but to be able to know which offers will actually close the deal for my sellers.”

Helping to extend and expand our community gives her great satisfaction.

“Watching this community go from the brink of blooming into actually blooming in front of me has been my favorite part of living here,” she states. “To see our small town keep that small town feel, and become a place where the whole country is wanting to live has been a joy for me. I love all Ocala has to offer and I am happy to have chosen to raise my family here.”

She offers this advice to her four children: “Find what you love and do that as a profession and you will never work a day in your life. Give to the need that pulls on your heart and that is where you are needed.”

For Serrano, that “love” is real estate.

“My goal is to treat my clients the way I would like to be treated and give them more than they are looking for,” she explains. “I provide them with service, integrity and ethics, and work for their best interests…and make some new friends while doing so.”

Serrano is building her outstanding team, including agent Kelli Olgesby, who joined Serrano for this photo shoot.

Stellar Real Estate
5531 SW 30th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 585-1562

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