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What’s it like to start your fitness journey with Zone? From the moment you walk in the door, Zone staff’s mission is to make you feel welcomed and cared for. And you can leave any feelings of embarrassment or intimidation at the door. Zone welcomes clients of all fitness levels, so newcomers don’t need to be afraid.

​“We have a heart to serve and want to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” says Zone’s president, Ben Marciano. He’s referring to Zone’s team of connection specialists who welcome guests with a chorus of hellos and plug them into new programming within the gym.

​“Gyms can be very intimidating, and its that first step through the door that can be the toughest. We try to make everybody feel welcome. That’s what makes you want to keep coming back. We’re not a typical gym. You come in for fitness and you become part of our family. Its overwhelming the love our staff feels for our members and guests and people really do feel connected here,” says General Manager David Barnes.

​What else separates Zone from the competition? Zone is a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, family fitness complex. It’s not just a CrossFit box or a cycling studio, though it includes both. At Zone, there’s something for everyone—no matter your fitness pursuits. There are zones on the main floor for strength training, cardio and free weights all featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Around the main floor are other specialty zones for CrossFit, cycling, Ignite, boxing and a studio with numerous group classes available throughout the week.

​One of Zone’s most popular areas is the Express Zone. This semi-private room is lined with machines and includes a personal trainer who coaches members individually through each exercise on a timed circuit. This allows members to learn the proper technique on each machine in a quiet, one-on-one setting with a professional. Bonus: When you encounter these machines later on your own, you’ll know exactly how to use them.

​“We built this particular zone so people can feel comfortable and get the experience they need. The enthusiastic trainers are teaching you proper technique, intensity and keep you motivated to reach your goals,” says Marciano.

​Zone ensures you will see real progress by starting your membership with a FIT 3D scan. Fit 3D is a full body scanning program that gives you a 360-degree image of yourself while taking measurements, calculating BMI, and analyzing the data. A detailed report is emailed to you so that you can use the information to better tailor your regimen.

​“Your first scan establishes a baseline of where you are, and we can show you how to get where you want to go. You will see results with weekly scans far more accurately than you will just watching the scale,” Marciano explains.

​Together with a trainer, you’ll create your fitness road map using this hard data. Your trainer will put together a workout and meal plan specifically for you, maximizing results and eliminating that “now what?” feeling.

​Another great way to get results at Zone is with Heart Rate training. In this specialized program, you are fitted with your very own heart rate monitor. During your workout in the Ignite or boxing class, your heart rate is monitored and the results appear on a screen in the room so you can see what heart rate zone you are in. Different zones target different goals, like endurance, fat burning and more.

​“We teach you how to train in the right zone to achieve the maximum results. It’s extremely accurate, fun and keeps you working in the most exact way,” says Marciano.

​“Let’s say your goal is fat loss, in which case you have to be in a certain target heart rate area—if you’re in a different area, then you may be building stamina but not burning fat,” says David Barnes. “If we have athletes trying to build endurance, we know we can push them harder to hit that target.”

​“We’re about results here,” Marciano says. “Nearly 10 percent of our population have a health club membership with gyms that don’t care if you show up after signing up. The $10 per month-style gyms don’t provide any services, so there isn’t any accountability.  We provide services you need to take care of yourself in many ways. You are given this one body, so let us come alongside you to give you everything you need in order to take care of it. And, if you miss a class or haven’t been in a little while, you can expect a friendly phone call checking up on you.”

​“We also have a Get Connected program that starts the second you join the facility. Get Connected challenges you to try out different zones you may not have thought to try. We want you to find your zone,” Barnes says. “Finding your zone is in essence finding the family that will help motivate you—we don’t want you to join and be the same a year later.”

Mom and Dad, they have an exciting and safe place for your children, too. In the Blast Zone for kids, character development is taught as well as healthy living. Children participate in kickboxing class, arts and crafts, Zumba and more for no additional charge. If you want to really ramp up your child’s physical fitness and team building, CrossFit Kids is the perfect fit. At Zone, fitness really does become family.

​Zone Health & Fitness also works hard to give back to the community it loves, especially to underprivileged children in the area. They’re involved with Kimberly’s Cottage and the Boys and Girls Club as well as the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. If you’d like to be a member of a locally owned, community-driven gym that wants to get you the results you want, you should get in the Zone.

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You may have to pay for your fit new bod in sweat and elbow grease, but through the month of September, you won’t have to pay for it in cash. September is Zone Health & Fitness’s second anniversary, so new members can join all month long for just $2! Sign up before this ridiculously low offer ends on September 30.


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