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Recent advances in MAKOplasty robotic technology has resulted in total knee replacement procedures, which are more accurate and effective, returning patients to a higher quality of life.

MAKOplasty robotic arm surgical technology was initially approved by the FDA for the partial knee procedure followed by the total hip replacement procedure. Within the last year, the MAKOplasty total knee replacement procedure received FDA approval.

“This is a very exciting time in the field of orthopedics when robotic technology is revolutionizing these procedures, advancing our surgical techniques and creating a new standard of care,” says Dr. Derek Farr, D.O. of Twin Palm Orthopedics.

Dr. Farr was the first orthopedic surgeon to use MAKOplasty technology in Marion County. He has been the first and only surgeon to perform a total knee replacement with the robotic arm technology. Dr. Farr performs total knee replacements regularly at Ocala Regional Medical Center. His proficiency has been recognized nationally, and he ranks as one of the top three MAKOplasty surgeons in Florida based on the number of procedures he has performed.

“We’ve seen incredible results to date,” says Dr. Farr. “Patients are recovering faster and able to resume their regular routine and activities much sooner than I have seen in the past. They are having less pain; it’s a better-fitting knee, so it’s more comfortable. With this surgery, many patients are even leaving the hospital a day sooner.”

When examining a knee to determine whether a partial or total knee replacement should be done, Dr. Farr reviews radiological findings, performs a thorough clinical exam and individualizes patient care in order to determine the most appropriate intervention. The primary causes for joint deterioration are osteoarthritis, infection, and accident or injury. Rheumatoid arthritis and hereditary factors can also provide eventual cause for partial or total knee replacement. Dr. Farr only recommends the surgical procedure if nonsurgical treatment options fail. It’s more about the patient’s quality of life, and he will work with patients to help them make the best treatment choice. Nonsurgical treatment options include injection therapy, anti-inflammatories, bracing, pain medication and physical therapy to strengthen the joint.

If a MAKOplasty partial or total knee procedure is indicated, Dr. Farr is able to create a 3-D virtual model of the knee joint prior to the surgery and place the virtual implants to ensure a customized patient-specific fit. During the operation, he receives live feedback from multiple computers to ensure that all bone cuts are precise, the implant is balanced and placed accurately and there is minimal soft tissue damage. Adjustments can be made throughout the surgical procedure to ensure a patient-specific and truly customized fit.

According to Dr. Farr, “that’s important because if it fits properly, it’s going to last longer and feel better. Patients can regain their motion quicker and can expect improved outcomes and performance with that joint.”

Along with partial and total knee replacements, Dr. Farr also performs total hip replacements using MAKO robotic technology. The same preliminary scans are taken, and a 3-D model is made and fitted virtually. Through the use of MAKOplasty technology, hip replacements are more precise, more comfortable and more stable. There is a reduction and minimization of leg length discrepancy, which prevents back, gait and alignment issues that can result from different leg lengths.

“I’ve performed total knee, partial knee and total hip replacement surgery for the last 15 years,” Dr. Farr says, “and the use of the MAKO robotic technology has truly elevated patient outcomes beyond what I could have imagined years ago. Patients are returning to their activities, whether that’s golf, pickleball, riding horses or bowling, within six weeks after surgery.”

He has been given many pictures from proud patients, which support their superior recovery and return to their active lifestyles and hobbies. Dr. Farr is happy to accept these photos and hang them in his office.

“It’s a tribute to them and to our practice to be able to improve their quality of life. That’s what it’s about for me,” he says.

Dr. Farr has seen his patients benefit greatly from MAKOplasty robotic surgery, enabling them to return to an active lifestyle. If surgery is needed, he recommends that patients consider MAKO robotic surgery, as it provides higher precision, faster recovery, greater longevity of the implant and higher overall satisfaction with the joint replacement. Make an appointment with Dr. Farr today to learn more about how this exciting advancement in orthopedics can help you.

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