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For Tim Roberson, Linda McGruther, and Joe Vorwerk, banking is all about relationships. As a matter of fact, they’ve based their financial careers on this premise as they manage Florida Choice Bank in Ocala. Customers’ needs come first with all Florida Choice Bank employees. They take the time to get to know their customers, working quickly to meet their financial goals. Such attention guarantees saving Florida Choice Bank customers time, money, and worry.

The Smart Business Choice

“We know what it takes to get a deal done,” says Marion County Market CEO Tim Roberson.

Indeed they do.

Florida Choice Bank produced over $70 million in loans in the first six months of the bank’s opening. Roberson credits the successful loan rate to the bank’s strong local management team that provides fast decision making and closing. Florida Choice cuts through the red tape so business clients know they’ll receive a thorough and responsive answer.

Testimony to this is a recent $12 million loan that was approved in 10 days! Most financial institutions take 4 to 6 weeks, but not at Florida Choice.

Roberson is proud of the impressive package of commercial banking services including some of the most competitive deposit rates in the market. When matching these resources with a banking team that really knows each customer, you’ve got a winning combination.

The Smart Personal Choice

Linda McGruther, vice president and general manager, appreciates the value of a strong team, too.

“We care about each other,” she says.

Florida Choice Bank has a reputation as a company that works as a family. Having fun defines this tight-knit group that takes monthly outings together including dining at each other’s homes, even sharing an occasional bowling night. And every employee is a bank shareholder.

This camaraderie shows in attentive rapport with customers. You won’t receive automated phone recordings when you call. Every individual receives a personalized response. As a matter of fact, most bank employees have a direct phone line (see the info box at the end of the story).

Your Choice

Joe Vorwerk, Marion County market president, looks to the bank’s relationship with the community as a key indicator of success. “Our team is actively involved in community events,” says Vorwerk.

For example, the bank adopted a family from Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina and also supports the United Way, March of Dimes, and the Boy Scouts, among others.

Florida Choice’s impressive advisory board is also comprised of business and community leaders with a reputation for caring, working, and serving Marion County. The board meets monthly to discuss business development objectives and serves as an invaluable sounding board to the Florida Choice team.

Florida Choice Bank is a community bank with a passion to serve its customers, employees, and community. Decisions are made locally. A strong team atmosphere guides the company. And the bank is deeply committed to investing in the community in volunteering and serving. It’s a local bank with a big heart that knows every customer by name.

Florida Choice could be the right choice for you.

Getting To Know Us
Come by for a visit or give Florida Choice Bank a call today.

Direct Lines:

• Tim Roberson, Market CEO, 732-8539
• Joe Vorwerk, Market President, 369-2910
• Linda McGruther, VP & General Manager, 732-6451
• Lisa Mussey, Asst Branch Manager, 732-6916
• Brian Cretul, VP & Commercial Lender, 369-2908
• Trudy Bliss, Admin Asst, 369-2911
• Rosemary Jones, Admin Asst, 369-2909

At Main Branch (Phone Number Below):

• Daniela Quast, VP & Sr. Credit Analyst
• Erin Lindsay, Credit Analyst
• Patty Carson, Personal Banker
• Joanne Edde, Head Teller
• Larry Robinson, Courier

Florida Choice Bank
119 SE First Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34471

Florida Choice Bank Advisory Board Is Connected in the Community

• Scott Armstrong: President, Armstrong Homes
• Kirk Boone: Local Developer
• Thad Boyd: President, Boyd Development
• Steve Counts: President, Steve Counts Incorporated (SCI)
• Lee Farkas: CEO, Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker

Performance & Service

Florida Choice Bank offers a broad selection of services:
• Really Free Business and Personal checking account
• High-yield investment checking
• Flexible CDs
• Commercial and home loans
• Online banking
• Commercial Courier Service PRIMARY PHOTO CAPTIONS: Tim Roberson: When he’s not working at the bank, you can probably find Tim Roberson in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane. An avid aviator since 1985, Florida Choice Bank’s Marion County CEO loves to fly. He’s an instrument-rated pilot, a certification that required six months of intensive studying, training, and flying. His adventures in the air have taken him to fun spots including Key West, North Carolina, and quick trips for breakfast to St. Petersburg. “I like the feeling of accomplishing something so challenging,” says Roberson. Linda McGruther: A unique housewarming gift to Linda McGruther and her family inspired a life-long hobby. McGruther creates specially designed creations out of real eggs after receiving one many years ago. Her work of art includes an array of inspired designs including Christmas ornaments, a baby bassinet, nativity scene, and, her favorite — a wedding memento that displays a piece of the bridal veil and dress. Each egg is decorated inside with vignettes personalized to the lucky recipient, right down to a hand-crocheted miniature rug. “I can easily put 80 hours of work into each design,” she says, “but I love the feeling I get when I give them as gifts to others.” Joe Vorwerk: When Joe Vorwerk played football for the University of Florida, he knew what playing at top performance really meant. An outside linebacker for the Gators from 1984 to 1987, Vorwerk saw how he improved his game by being around high achievers. He was well prepared for this college experience, earning the rank of Eagle Scout by eighteen. “Being around top tier-level people,” says Area Bank President Vorwerk, “inspires you to do your best and develop a strong work ethic.”

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