The Community Foundation Ocala/Marion County has created a new day of giving to allow you the opportunity to easily support the vital work of our local nonprofits in need.

Delivering meals to seniors. Offering shelter and support to those who have been abused. Teaching, sharing play time with and coaching our children. Coloring, creating and enhancing our shared spaces. Each day, nonprofits from the forest to the Rainbow River, from Weirsdale to those with northside pride, meet men, women and children right where they are. It’s up to us to partner with our nonprofits so they can continue their valuable work.

What if we brought the four corners of Marion County together to try to meet as many needs as possible in one 24-hour period? That’s what Give4Marion is all about. From October 20th at 10am through October 21st at 10am, our community will come together, providing financial resources that will raise the quality of life for everyone in our community.

“Giving days happen all over the country, and the Community Foundation wanted to bring one to Marion County,” says Lauren DeIorio, President and Executive Director for the Community Foundation for Ocala/Marion County. “With all that’s going on right now, there’s no better time than the present.”

Give4Marion is a 24-hour fundraising event hosted by the Community Foundation, raising money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform. On this day, we come together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits, to connect donors to community needs and to strengthen nonprofit capacity.

“The purpose of the giving day helps the Community Foundation grow our vision to build a stronger community for everyone… one passion at a time,” DeIorio explains. “With the minimum gift set at only $10, nearly anyone with a web-enabled phone can get involved. We will even accept checks or cash at the foundation offices, too.”

Generous community members can search for nonprofits by name or cause, like arts and culture, disability services, animals or veterans, and essentially have a shopping cart of giving. It will be 24 hours of connecting passion to purpose to raise the quality of life for everyone in Marion County.

Nonprofits have already signed up to participate. Corporate and individual sponsorships are still needed to help match gifts of any dollar amount. Cash prizes through sponsors can be set to award nonprofits that meet certain goals along the way. Match Minutes will occur throughout the 24 hours, when every dollar donated up to a certain amount will be matched by a business, foundation or personal donor. Those opportunities are open now and can be set up until the second week of October.

All in all, the inaugural Give4Marion promises to be a great time for all of Marion County to come together and not only see the needs but meet the needs.

“We know it can sometimes feel overwhelming when there are so many unmet needs all around,” said DeIorio. “So, the Community Foundation is using Give4Marion to help guide people to make a lasting impact. During Give4Marion, everyone who gives can truly be the hero our community needs.”

Visit to see the participating nonprofits and begin giving as early as October 5th. All donations for Give4Marion conclude at 10 am on Wednesday, October 21st.

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