L-R: Jim Zimmerman, IT Director;  Jacob Medley, Motion Graphics & Design; Joel Eckman, Sales & Project Director

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Imagine a software package tailored to a company’s individual needs and wants. Think of a Web site that’s not only interactive, but proactive when it connects to your company’s accounting and sales departments, automatically updating files, figures and numbers as needed — all in a matter of seconds.

The talented programmers and designers at can create just that type of efficient, high-tech environment in any workplace. “The significance of customized applications is simple,” President Mike Eckman says. “A program that works for one company may need to be altered to fit another company’s needs.”

While other computer businesses come and go, has been established in Ocala for seven years.

“We got our real start in the equine industry,” co-partner and project manager, Joel Eckman says. “My father was running our sister company, PM Eckman Advertising at that time, and with the popularity of the Internet and computers increasing, he realized that very few of the local horse farms had a Web site. Now, we work with some of the most successful farms in the area.”

With six year’s of computer development and project management experience, Joel made the move from Minnesota to Ocala to help his father build the concept for their new and exciting company.

The newest addition to Globalsites is co-partner, IT Director and Programmer, Jim Zimmerman. Jim began in the computer industry right out of high school. “Jim has an abundance of technical skills,” Joel says. “From consulting and sales presentations to programming, Jim is extremely knowledgeable. We’re lucky to have him.”

Today, and PM Eckman Advertising, Inc. create state-of-the-art Web sites and marketing packages for many local organizations and businesses, including the Chamber of Commerce, Carmichael’s Restaurant, and Ocala Style magazine. They are also currently working on several large national accounts, including an online job search that is comparable to and a sophisticated hosting and Web management site for the equine industry.

“Joel was very enthusiastic when creating our new Web site,” says Ocala Style Art Director Trevor Byrne. “That enthusiasm translated into a product that was far better than we could have imagined. I depended on Joel and the rest of the staff at not only to make the site attractive, but also to make it functional and easy to maintain. Updating our site is as easy as pushing a button.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, business owners are realizing that consumers are turning to the Internet and other multi-media advertising tools such as CD-ROM and DVD more and more before making purchasing decisions. The integration of E-commerce and accounting systems using QuickBooks and Great Plains saves time and money for business owners, and many are starting to take notice.

“We’ve stepped into a big pond,” Mike says. “Just think, not too long ago there was no DSL or speedy Internet. Half the people didn’t have dial-up connections in their homes. We think the computer revolution has been big so far, but I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.”

Clients who contact will be treated with the highest regard. Customer service is of the utmost importance for everyone on staff. Upon the initial meeting, the client’s needs are assessed and organized into a model by the professionals at From the initial proposal to the final product, the staff is there to see the project through.

With creative digital media designers like Full Sail graduate Jacob Medley, can make any vision come to fruition.

“It is so exciting to watch a client’s eyes light up when their idea is transformed into something real,” Mike says. “I’m very excited about the talent we have on staff and the products they’re capable of creating. It’s amazing what can be done.”

Constant education and certification processes keep up-to-date on the latest and best software applications. Recently, became a business partner with Microsoft, an accomplishment that isn’t easily obtainable.

“Being partnered with different organizations gives us resources that may not be readily available to others,” Joel explains. “One of the great advantages is that we have access to new software before it goes public, allowing us the time to research and experiment. We are also able to sell and implement software packages.”

In addition to Web site design, implementation, and hosting, also offers a wide array of other solutions.

A hypothetical situation is evaluation software. For example, an appraiser visits a jobsite to make the necessary inspections and walks through the home to make observations, immediately entering the information into a hand-held device. As that data is stored in the small computer, it will automatically be uploaded, via wireless technology, to the main computer. There will be no need to physically write down the information, then return to the office and spend more time entering the results into a computer. Think of the man-hours saved, along with the potential for errors when data entry is entered!

Each of the guys brings many years of diverse programming experience to the table, making the possibilities endless. The educated staff at can create the program or Web site that your company has been waiting for!

“The year 2004 is supposed to be the year of wireless,” Jim says. “There is going to be a huge shift in how and where people use computers. It’s very exciting.” & PM Eckman Advertising


44 SE 1st Avenue

Ocala, FL 34471

(Above Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill)

Offering a complete line of products and services:


Web Development

CD-ROM Development

DVD Authoring


Full service, including collateral packages


Software (.NET, JAVA, PHP)

Web-based applications

E-commerce/accounting integration

Tablet/Pocket PC applications




SQL Server

Enterprise Database


Web maintenance


Business plans


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