Healthy Aging & Purposeful Living: MidState Skin Institute

In honor of National Healthy Aging Month, we reached out to local businesses that focus on the positive aspects of growing older and specialize in helping you continue to live your best life.

MidState Skin Institute

Ageless Skin Care

Skin deep doesn’t even come close to describing the breadth and depth of health, wellness and self-care options geared to those over 50 at MidState Skin Institute.

MidState’s physicians and staff of credentialed providers have fine-tuned their treatments to meet their patients’ specialized needs with services ranging from medical, surgical, cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology to cutting-edge technology for treating incontinence.

On the cosmetic and aesthetic side of the practice, Kristin Miller, MidState spokesperson, explains, “Age is not the determining factor. If you don’t feel happy looking in the mirror, do something about it.”

That something could be as simple as filler injections to help smooth wrinkles and firm sagging skin or as advanced as laser and cosmetic surgeries that change the skin’s appearance or elasticity.

Their licensed medical aesthetician offers free consultations to discuss options such as permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, peels and more as well as at-home skin care regimens all aimed at helping your skin look and stay more youthful and vibrant.

On the clinical side, MidState encourages people of all ages to pay particular attention to any skin conditions that “just don’t look right.” They suggest using the ABCDE rule.

Even if you don’t have an immediate concern, they suggest a once- or twice-yearly skin evaluation, especially for seniors.

Of particular interest to men and women experiencing incontinence resulting from aging, illness or surgery, BTL Emsella, a revolutionary, non-invasive, technology-based treatment, offers a welcome, discrete solution. Ninety-five percent of patients report an improved quality of life.

“Our goal always is to improve the health of our patients and to help them look and feel their best,” says Ashley Cauthen, MD, board certified dermatologist and owner of the practice.

Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) at our Deerwood office

Unlike more powerful radiation therapy devices, the SRT delivers a precise, calibrated low dose to treat your basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma (a common type of skin cancer). A standard dose is no longer than 90 seconds each visit. The typical cure rate is about 98%. Stacey Schmidt, PA-C is our SRT provider and will ensure your treatments are effective and efficient.



MidState Skin Institute
3 locations to better serve you

1740 SE 18th St., Suite 1102
(352) 512-0092
7550 SW 61st Ave., Suite 1
(352) 732-7337
Paddock Park
3210 SW 33rd Rd, Suite 101
(352) 470-0770

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