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CBC National Bank brings peace of mind to business owners with Payroll Service+HCM.

CBC National

Every business owner knows that good employees are crucial to their company’s success. It only makes sense to attract the best candidates, maintain a positive work environment and reduce turnover.

CBC National Bank is helping businesses do just that—and more. The customer-focused bank offers a full range of consumer and business banking services throughout the Southeast and now offers payroll and human capital management (HCM) solutions.

Whether you have a small business or a larger operation with complex needs, CBC Payroll+HCM can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The whole idea is to make outsourcing your payroll processing efficient, accurate and seamless.

“Payroll servicing and HCM are a way to enhance relationships with our business customers,” says Carl Ross, vice president of CBC National Bank. “At the core of our solution is a scalable and flexible payroll application, which competes easily with the largest payroll service providers in the business.”

Ross explains that the approach is all about assisting employers in finding the best candidates, while offering products and services to help business owners provide a positive, satisfying work experience, which will reduce employee turnover.

“Losing qualified, well-trained and productive employees is not only discouraging but frustratingly expensive,” notes Ross. “Collectively, it’s all about these three words: attract, enhance, retain. We help employers make the best hires they can, leverage that talent to be all it can be and, finally, through retention, enjoy a positive return on the investment through longer term employment.”

CBC Payroll+HCM offers small business owners useful and effective tools to screen qualified candidates for open positions. This includes selecting employees whose backgrounds are clean, moral principles are in-check and whose personality traits are consistent with management teams and business goals.

“Additionally, we offer solutions and assistance to ensure employee enhancement and experience are consistent with the expectations of today’s workforce,” adds Ross.

Today, the talent pool consists of many distinct age groups. Plus, it’s never been easier for employees to find other opportunities than it is right now. If you’re running a business, you must be aware of every possible tool to make your employees feel part of your company’s direction. You also want them to understand how company benefits enhance their personal lives and how they can prepare to retire gracefully when the time comes.

CBC Payroll+HCM is able to help business owners with all of these steps.

“We are a bank in the payroll business,” says Ross. “If we can help our business customers run better businesses, then we have stronger relationships with our business customers. Employees are at the heart of every business, so it’s a good place to focus.”

CBC National Bank 

910 SW 1st Ave., Ocala  5860 W Hwy 40, Ocala  (877) 350-3503

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