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Our homes are our sanctuaries, so it is important that we surround ourselves with designs and décor that nurture us. Here is a look at a few predicted home design and décor trends in 2024 that might just make your home even more sweet and stylish.

Glidden's Color of the Year "Limitless"

Pantone named Peach Fuzz its 2024 Color of the Year while trend forecasting agency WGSN went with Apricot Crush and Etsy picked Berry. But if none of those colors set you abuzz, the color palette for 2024 is a wide-ranging one.

There are the new neutrals of soft blue, sage green, buttery yellow and dusty rose pink, which can be used as accents on baseboards, moldings and ceilings. Not your thing? Well, there are always the earth tones of burgundy, creamy whites and all the shades of brown. Maybe the moody tones, primarily deep gray and blue, speak to you. 

If you want to make a really bold color statement, olive green and Kelly green are being touted as trending color hues of the year. There are also jewel tones, such as jade green, emerald green, cobalt blue and ruby red being used in wall paint, cabinets, furniture and window coverings.


The ongoing desire to connect with nature in our homes has led to integrating that element into home design. Organic light fixtures use natural materials such as wood, rattan and clay, matched with essential metals, which can include brushed chrome, steel, nickel, aluminum and brass used in lighting hardware, appliances and furniture. Organic textures for wall coverings and earthy color palettes throughout can also bring a natural vibe to a home.



There will be a continuing trend for spa-like amenities in home bathrooms, including steam showers and wet rooms.

A steam shower is a self-contained, standalone shower stall without a bathtub. This can create a tropical experience in your own home with reported benefits of alleviating allergies, lowering blood pressure and contributing to better sleep. If you’re eco-conscious, a 30-minute steam shower uses two gallons of water while a regular shower can use two gallons of water per minute.

A wet room is a totally waterproofed or tanked bathroom with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. The walls and floor are sealed with a waterproof lining to prevent water from causing damage. The water drains away through a flush drain within the shower area. A bathtub is incorporated right into the shower space, allowing you to soak while getting the benefits of a steam shower. This can be an open design or have an installed glass screen.


Front door designs are expected to be earthy, with textured finishes, such as terracotta, stone accents and curved, soft arches. Sustainably sourced wood and materials will figure prominently, with doors being finished with natural oils and waxes. The colors sage and navy blue are expected to be popular. 

Front door sidelights windows are in and top transom windows are out. Sidelights windows let natural light in, add symmetry and are easier to keep clean than top transom windows. 

Front doors will also feature technology such as smart locks, automated door openers and built-in screens at front entrances. 


Wallpaper is having a comeback, especially in small spaces. With myriad patterns and colors schemes to choose from, wallpaper can liven up a hall and/or linen closet, a hallway, a kitchen nook or a bar area. Look around your home with an eye to thinking small with wallpaper and you’ll add a surprising décor touch.


Elements of Americana will be more widely mixed with modern interior design elements. With that shift comes a deeper appreciation of Americana as cultural art crafted by people historically marginalized, which would include craftspeople of color, women and girls, Native Americans and immigrants. Viewed through a social lens, Americana pieces become a part of history worth integrating into your present-day home décor.


According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, many new homeowners are opting out of  formal dining rooms in favor of eat-in kitchens. As kitchens have become larger and are usually the center of the home, built-in breakfast nooks or banquettes are being custom designed to reflect the lifestyle of the family.


Think of quiet luxury design as classic and functional. This can be described as an interior design that combines sustainable materials (organic, environmentally conscious), discreetly integrated smart technology (television, music, communication and security systems) and revival of classic design.


Originating on TikTok, bookshelf wealth is all about being intentional with what you put on your bookshelves. Of course, the books you have read and love should be the centerpiece of your bookshelf, arranging them in any way or order that has meaning to you. The meaningful theme should continue with other items you mix in with the books, such as photos and knickknacks. As for the bookshelves, if you don’t have built-in ones, you can go with any design that suits you and your home décor.


Going into 2024, searches for mirror installation were up 30 percent on Yelp. Mirrors come in all sizes, designs and colors, and are increasingly considered to be functional wall art. From antique to modern to whimsical, statement mirrors can say a lot about you and your home.


Not a subtle home décor, romantic design embraces florals, ribbons, bows and the colors pink and red in a big way. Floral maximalism is forecast to be a big trend in bedding, pillows, area rugs, curtains and even furniture. Keeping with the theme, fresh flowers are encouraged but artificial and dried varieties are also accepted. So, cozy up with your significant other in a home awash with the colors and styles of romance.


Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta plant, courtesy of easyplant.com

Nothing greens up a home décor like indoor plants. easyplants.com has a few choice picks, even for those without a green thumb. Its 2024 Plant of the Year is the Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta, which is compatible with any décor. The easy-to-care-for plant, which can grow up to five feet tall, features thin stems with big, leafy tufts on the end of each spike.

Other home décor plants recommended by easyplants.com include: 

Black ZZ plant: This is a variation of the traditionally green ZZ and is described as naturally elegant with shiny, full leaves. Considered a low-maintenance plant for beginners, the Black ZZ is the perfect color to go along with any neutral and minimalist design. 

Rubber tree: A consistent indoor plant favorite, rubber trees with their dark green and shiny leaves add a bold design element to any home. 

Money tree: Feng shui experts recommend the money tree, which symbolizes wealth and good fortune. 


Not to be overlooked in any home décor is the flooring. From the flooring material to the design, several trends in 2024 will make you stop and look down. 

Patterns are predicted to be a major element, whether in hardwood or tile. Expect to see playful patterns such as basketweave, chevrons and checkerboard, including the classic black and white in the latter. Natural and light wood tones such as unstained white oak are expected to prove popular. Extra-wide, 10-foot plank flooring is also an anticipated trend. 

Mosaic tile will continue to incorporate marble, slate and porcelain. Terracotta (ceramic) and terrazzo (marble chips, natural stone and colored glass mixed with cement) will be bigger and bolder. OS

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