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From vein treatment to breast augmentation to liposuction, this skilled physician restores confidence and eliminates pain, one patient at a time.

“I kind of fell into cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Jason Boardman. “While in the military I worked in bariatrics. After losing large amounts of weight, the patients often wound up with excess skin. I ended up doing a lot of cosmetic procedures and really enjoyed it.”

While working with fellow doctors to treat severely burned patients and while assisting with the reconstruction surgery of breast cancer patients, Dr. Boardman became passionate about the intricacies of cosmetic surgery and began to expand his surgical practice by adding a new dimension.

After relocating from New York to Clermont in 2005 with his obstetrician/gynecologist wife, Dr. Mary Beth Lewis, and their two children, Dr. Boardman opened Clermont Surgical Associates—a full-service general surgeryoffice that offers patients everything from soft-tissue surgeries, intrabdominaloperations and procedures to breast augmentations and a variety of other cosmetic procedures, including the treatment and removal of unsightly and often painful leg veins.

Ken Smith knows firsthand the problems that accompany varicose leg veins. After sports injuries and a genetic predisposition left him with varicose veins on both legs, Ken sought treatment on the recommendation of his family physician.

“Not only were the veins unsightly,” Ken says, “but there was the possibility that they could rupture.”

After discussing treatment options with Dr. Boardman, who Ken describes as “very comfortable and friendly,” he opted for the VNUS procedure.

Using ultrasound technology, the doctor positions a small catheter into the diseased vein through a tiny opening in the skin. The catheter emits a radio frequency causing the vein to heat, shrink, and seal itself, relieving swelling and pain. Once the vein is closed, the body reroutes blood to nearby healthy veins.

“Before the procedure my veins looked like a gnarly pile of snakes,” Ken says. “The results are amazing, and the pain vanished immediately.”

Ken calls the VNUS procedure quick and painless.

“It was surprisingly comfortable,” he says. “There wasn’t even a sensation in my leg, much less pain. If faced with the question on whether or not to have this procedure done again, I would no doubt say, ‘Absolutely.’”

Dr. Boardman is the only physician in Clermont offering the procedure in-office.

Of course, for those patients dealing with spider veins, Clermont Surgical Associates has a quick and easy procedure for these less-severe veins as well. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the veins with a chemical that virtually erases them. The procedure boasts little to no recovery time and patients can return immediately to their daily activities.

For Sarah Lyle*, the decision to use Dr. Boardman for her breast augmentation surgery was a simple one.

“I’ve never met a doctor like him and I’ve seen my fair share,” she says. “He is a very kind and gentle man and will treat you with dignity and respect.”

Five months ago Sarah underwent the AWAKE Breast Augmentation. As the name implies, patients are awake but relaxed while the implant surgery is taking place, making it a great alternative to going under general anesthesia. Sarah went from a minimal “A” cup to a full “B” and raves about the results.

“This is one of the best decisions I have ever made,” she says. “My confidence has gone through the roof. I can’t buy enough new lingerie and swimsuits!”

Sarah acknowledges that any surgery, regardless of the reason, can be stressful and scary, and she says choosing the right doctor is key.

“If you choose Dr. Boardman, know that you will be taken care of in the best possible way,” she says. “Unlike many doctors, he’ll explain everything.”

As a physician, Dr. Boardman understands his patients’ concerns and questions and he prides himself on personally treating every patient—literally.

“If they come to my office, they see me,” he stresses. “There are no PAs, no nurse practitioners, no middlemen. This is a small, personable, comfortable office and I work personally with each patient.”

* Patient’s name changed to protect privacy

Clermont Surgical Associates, PA

1120 Citrus Tower Blvd, Suite 127
Clermont, FL 34711
(352) 536-2351

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