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SUZANNE AND DAUGHTER LAURA enjoy the spacious kitchen that
serves as the family’s central gathering spot.

THE KITCHEN—NO LONGER JUST FOR COOKING—has become the central location for many other activities. When building her new home, Suzanne Kirkpatrick knew her kitchen would serve as the gathering point for family and friends. With this in mind, she set out to design a space that was not only functional, but also comfortable. That explains why a couch is in her kitchen.

“I really wanted a cozy space for people to hang out while I’m cooking,” says Suzanne, who created a functional design with both a sitting and eating area on either side of the kitchen.


CROWN MOLDING makes an elegant           THE KIRKPATRICKS WANTED  plenty of room
statement on cabinetry.                                for entertaining, so they included a cozy
                                                                            sitting area at one end of the kitchen.

The open layout gave Suzanne room enough to furnish an overstuffed sofa and additional leather seating beside a brick fireplace and television armoire. Neutral khaki walls and fabrics create a cohesive look between the sitting area and the kitchen.

Mike Miller of Dixie Workshop lent his cabinetry skills to create not one, but three different cabinet finishes including beadboard pine, rich cherry, and a custom-created distressed khaki glaze. The overall effect gives a feeling of both warmth and color to the space. Calling this design a “collected look,” Mike also added a fresh perspective to the center island by adding storage towers to both sides, giving Suzanne ample space for cookbooks, kitchen supplies, and her children’s cups and plates.

“We do everything at our island—we eat here and do homework here,” adds Suzanne. “This is definitely where the kids end up every day.”

A variety of storage options gives the Kirkpatrick family a place for everything. Deep drawers, plentiful cabinets, and a separate appliance center for the microwave and wine cooler create a no-clutter zone while preserving the kitchen’s understated sophistication.

“We tried to address each area for its function, style, and design,” adds Mike, who says his favorite part of the kitchen is the one-of-a-kind cherry cabinetry.

Cream-colored granite countertops make food preparation an elegant experience with easy clean-up, as three pendant lights draw an ambient focal point to the center island.

Professional-grade stainless steel appliances give Suzanne modern cooking ease coupled with convenience. A six-burner gas range—with a terra cotta tile backsplash—anchors one wall, while the main sink and dishwasher anchors another. An adjoining double oven resides nearby so everything is close at hand for gourmet creations or a kid-inspired peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

A table that was once in their family room now serves as an informal eating area on the other side of the kitchen island, creating more than enough seating for casual meals.

Perhaps the most attractive feature (at least to every mother) is the adjoining and spacious walk-in pantry with adequate shelving for the family of five.

Next to the pantry hangs a painted sign with the word “Serenity.” Combining comfort and form, the Kirkpatricks have found serenity in a kitchen that has truly become the heart of their home.

“Most of our time is spent here in the kitchen,” adds Suzanne. “I really love it.”

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