Man’s Best Friend – Laz Lackner and Fletcher

We love our furry family members, and we bet you do, too. In honor of our annual men’s issue, we invited a few local guys to introduce us to their favorite four-legged friends.

Laz Lackner and Fletcher

Please tell us the story of how you and your dog met, or how he/she became part of your family.

After I purchased a condo, I was looking to adopt a dog, so I researched what dogs would be great for that type of space. The consensus was that a Border Collie was in general, a terrible idea, but I came across his puppy picture on a rescue website. I hesitate to call him a rescue because, at that point, he (and all his brothers and sisters) had already been rescued from the pound, where they were left because they all had mange. A rescue farm for herding dogs in South Florida rescued them from North Carolina and brought them down and nursed them all back to health.

A Border Collie mix is hard work because they need to run, but it meant a LOT of trips to the dog park, a lot of fetch and a lot of attention. We have a house with a yard now but still get to the dog park frequently.

Do you and your dog have a favorite activity you enjoy doing together? Please explain.

At a stoplight with Fletcher in the Jeep the other day, a man rolled down his window and asked if he was a “frisbee dog.” Despite my best efforts, he just can’t seem to get the hang of frisbee. I’ll throw it but he’s not interested in catching it mid-air. He’d rather it land first, but then fumbles around trying to pick it up, most of the time while standing on top of the frisbee.

Fetch with a ball is more his speed. He’s lightning fast and agile and loves to run and be chased. When he brings back the ball, he’ll bring it directly to me, then walk 10 feet in any direction and drop it, then sit and wait. I figure it’s his way of making sure that I get exercise, too.

Please share a brief story or example of why your dog is truly “Man’s Best Friend.”

Some dogs are highly affectionate and codependent, but Fletch is always content to be somewhat near me but never really all over me. He sleeps in the bed, but on the opposite side. Sometimes, I get home and he doesn’t even bother to get up to check and see if it’s me, but occasionally he’ll greet me at the door. But he has his moments when he’s affectionate as well, although it’s generally when he wants something. He loves to ride in the Jeep and we’ve driven to many places together. He’s the best road trip partner because he never complains about my choice in music… just don’t expect him to stay up and keep you awake on long trips. I think we all have a friend like that.

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