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Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa’s founder and medical director, Dr. Michael Holloway, along with wife, Shannon Holloway, who serves as the company’s executive director, are well known for promoting healthy lifestyles in Ocala, and this year, the facility acquired some new technology to offer patients the best in medical aesthetics. CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, patented technology developed by Harvard scientists that takes about one hour per treatment area. Patients will see up to 30 percent fat reduction within just 90 days of treatment. Better yet, the results are permanent as long as one maintains a healthy weight and lifestyle.

From birth, the body has a fixed number of fat cells. They expand with weight gain but, unlike some may think, they don’t multiply. CoolSculpting provides individualized contouring of problem areas (or as some patients like to say, “areas of opportunity”) by freezing fat cells in the targeted area. Once cells are damaged, they begin a process of cell death, and the body then eliminates them, which occurs naturally without harming any neighboring tissue.

CoolSculpting is not intended for weight loss, though it can put the finishing touch on your hard work by adding definition and, in some cases, motivating individuals to stick with their prescribed weight loss program. Previous surgeries or cosmetic procedures, like liposuction, can produce an uneven look, which can be smoothed out with Coolsculpting. Many women have trouble eliminating fat from the infamous belly button area, and those who have had Cesarean sections may find it even more difficult. And everyone has that one difficult zone that won’t let go, at least, not until now.Coolsculpting is approved for the abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, saddlebags, bra fat, flanks and other areas a patient may desire.

Dr. Holloway, Shannon and the entire Lifestyle team are committed to developing programs and adding new technologies in order to provide results their patients deserve. During a thorough and personalized initial consultation, you can discuss your expectations and the Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa staff can clearly outline the way CoolSculpting can help you.

CoolSculpting uses specially designed suction to target a specified area on the body and focus its cooling power. Patients relax in a heated bed with blankets surrounded in candles and gentle music and report little to no discomfort. Many take advantage of the cozy hour to catch up on work or read. Some patients even use their CoolSculpting time as an opportunity to nap.

And recovery? While a little bruising and itching is normal, patients typically can return to their normal everyday activities immediately following the procedure. CoolSculpting guests can expect to walk in, relax and walk out an hour or two later feeling no worse for wear.

For troublesome spots that won’t let go or for added definition following weight loss, Dr. Holloway and the staff of Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa believe CoolSculpting is the best natural and non-invasive answer.

Lifestyle Solutions Medspa

2139 NE 2nd St, Ocala

(352) 368-2148

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