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Everyone is talking about Do Your Thang Show, Ocala’s unique new TV series connecting its audience with inspiring local business owners. The breakout show is the brainchild of ThatsHowItsDone Productions, a marketing firm that specializes in corporate branding.

Do Your Thang Show tells the story of its main character’s mundane routine as he struggles to live a more creative, fulfilling life. Hosted by Chris Wims, the show created a movement by targeting anyone disillusioned with their current occupation and inspiring them to do their thang instead.

Each episode weaves reality with drama by incorporating local business owners, including health and fitness, plumbers, cardiologists, lawyers, restaurant owners, real estate agents, insurance experts, engineers, fine artists and many more. Each episode’s fictional aspect is written around the guest, and these business owners are sharing their success stories, the stories of how they turned their thangs into their livelihoods. Thanks to the television and Web circulation of the show, innumerable viewers are hearing their stories.

The night of the debut, ThatsHowItsDone hosted a launch party exclusive to everyone that partnered with the show, complete with dinner and a viewing of the first episode. They also gave their local business partners featured in the episodes an opportunity to network with their audience.

“We promised our clients they would stand out in the community and be part of an innovative show that would give them visibility,” says Natalia Moy, producer of DYT Show. They knew they had delivered when their website and Facebook page crashed after the first episode premiered. ThatsHowItsDone has branded Do Your Thang Show as part of a larger movement, asking its audience to participate by sharing their thangs on social media. They’ve used the success stories of real business owners in the community to inspire others. And it seems to be working. After the first episode premiered, and influx of thousands of visitors over the weekend crashed the company’s server, causing them to switch servers.

The success of Do Your Thang Show is achievable for area businesses, too. The creative talent behind Do Your Thang Show at ThatsHowItsDone is unlike any in the region. The award-winning production team offers a full range of marketing services, including graphic design, logos, slogans, Web design, social media and more. Their specialty? Conceptualizing unique video marketing strategies for any type of business. They partner with clients from storyboarding in the early stages, designing along the way and shooting the final product, helping with each step. Their videos can be used on websites, TV or social media channels. Business owners can also reach a brand-new audience by sharing their story in an episode of Do Your Thang Show.

”It’s not an ad; it’s a partnership. We lay out the episode based on the people we feature,” says Natalia. “Here’s where the creativity comes into play. People are more receptive to this because you’re part of the show.”

ThatsHowItsDone Productions optimizes advertising using film and a hefty dose of innovation. Their goal is to help brands and businesses captivate their audiences, build brand loyalty and start a relationship with potential clients. Their unsurpassed production quality was evident in the response to Do Your Thang Show, and they’re hoping to bring that number of viewers to their clients as well.

“We can make you the best video, create the best concept, reveal you to a wider audience you haven’t tapped before. When you make the brand more personal, you’ll get return clients, not just a one-time visit,” says Chris Wims, the Do Your Thang Show host. The show’s director, Alex Moy, agrees.

“I believe everyone has a story to tell, whether your business is already established or you’re just starting. We want to know what you do and how you do it, because it will inspire other people. Every video we make, we don’t just make it because it’s our job—we do it because it’s our passion. That’s why the quality is high,” he says. He also believes that working closely with clients to tell their unique stories is what sets ThatsHowItsDone apart.

“We don’t have clients; we have relationships. A lot of the people we’ve featured end up being our close friends. I think that’s what makes us special. It’s not only that, but we’re very creative. We know our stuff.”

The company’s content can be used online, and the exposure from Do Your Thang Show will certainly garner interest in your business through high quality production and personal storytelling.

“Your business will grow exponentially if people know the story behind it. Your story of how it started is most important. Then not only are you branding yourself, you’re inspiring others,” Natalia explains. “We’re branding, through their stories, in an interesting way.”

An important facet of marketing today includes reaching millennials, a notorious problem for business owners who could otherwise serve as mentors by sharing their stories through video. But reaching this audience can be a challenge for businesses that have never explored social media marketing. ThatsHowItsDone hopes to bridge that gap, allowing business owners to grow their industry through inspiration.

“Even established brands may be doing well, but they don’t know how to use the technology to tap into the younger audience. The show is putting a personal connection inside technology everyone is already using,” Chris says.

“We are the hub for businesses to come and say ‘I want to do something that stands out. My website is cheesy. I need a new logo.’ We’re gurus of guerilla marketing,” says Natalia. “I want people to wonder what we’ll do for our clients next because it will always be new.”

If you’d like to partner with ThatsHowItsDone Productions to creatively enhance your corporate branding strategies and reach new audiences, contact them immediately—new episodes are being produced right now!

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405 SE Osceola Avenue, #208, Ocala

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