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SPECIAL TO OCALA STYLE In an era when high-density communities are emphasizing rights of way as greenspaces, Ocala native Todd Scudder is focusing on a private community with timeless architecture, central parks, and peaceful living, all within a short distance from Ocala’s Historic District.

Over the years, Todd’s business has built many notable projects throughout our growing city. He attributes his company’s success to a relentless attention to detail and to a reputation earned through distinctive projects. This industry respect has provided the platform for Todd’s newest venture, a project that will change Ocala’s current idea of a residential community.

Now, Scudder and Company is in the process of bringing a wonderful new concept of living to the people of Ocala. Last March, Ocala Style featured Scudder and Company Inc. and announced Todd’s vision for a close-knit, nostalgic development to the community. Soon after, Todd formed a limited partnership with long-time friends, Ted Jaycox and Steven Counts of SCI, for the acquisition and development of the land that would house Livingston Park, a timeless community for Ocala. Today, that dream has become a reality.

Livingston Park is named for Todd’s great-grandfather, Henry Livingston, who came to Ocala in the late 1800s.

“My great-grandfather’s favorite pastimes were quail hunting and buying and selling land,” Todd recollects. “I’m not quite sure which one he had the most fun doing.” Now, more than a century later, Livingston’s old homestead still stands at the corner of Wenona and 5th Street in Ocala’s historic district.

Over time, the name Scudder and Company has become synonymous with quality and uniqueness. In Ocala, it’s not common for the contractor to also be the developer of a community, but that’s the case at Livingston Park.

“In order to guarantee the standard of quality and the total concept that we’re offering, Scudder and Company Inc. will be the exclusive builder in Livingston Park,” he says. “Too many of Ocala’s developers sell their lot inventory to a variety of builders, therefore losing control of the architectural standards set forth in the beginning. As the sole builder and developer, we will control all aspects of design throughout the entire development, ensuring our clients the quality they deserve.”

Once completed, 39 families will call Livingston Park home. Several of the lots have already been reserved. The neighborhood will feature two- and three-story homes ranging from 2,800 to almost 5,000 square feet, depending on the number of stories. Each home will feature an elevator, as well as an association-maintained yard and a larger, private central courtyard.

“This development will bring back the idea of public parks,” says John Adams, Livingston Park’s registered landscape architect. “We will have a very strong architectural streetscape. The homes will all look distinctive, but the landscaping will tie the structures together.”

Jerry Stevens of Shibui Studios, Inc. is implementing the design work at Livingston Park and agrees with John.

“Our common goal is to create a worthwhile project that will leave a legacy in Ocala, not an eyesore,” he says. “It’s going to be a very traditional neighborhood with a very unique look.”

Like many of the established developments in Savannah and Charleston, Livingston Park will be a private, gated community. Gaslight lanterns with hanging plants will light the sidewalks around the parks, and garages will be accessed from the rear of the home. Homes will feature brick, slate, and stone facades, just to name a few of the raw materials that will be utilized in the design.

“I consider these homes to be very Earth-friendly,” Todd says. “We strive to build homes that aren’t only beautiful, but also utilize cutting-edge technology when it comes to energy efficiency.

“Every home will have its own character and curb appeal,” Todd continues. “But at the same time, a sense of continuity will be seen throughout.”

Each of the 39 homes will have an uninterrupted view facing one of two private parks in the development.

“The central parks will become your front yard. I want to give people the opportunity to be sociable with their neighbors if they choose to be, but — at the same time — still have their own private space as well, which is why we incorporated the courtyards.”

Ocala’s ready,” he says, “and I have no doubt Livingston Park will stand the test of time.”

Soon, interested residents can see for themselves what this development has to offer. “We’ll be breaking ground this June on Livingston Park,” Todd says. “And soon, a model center will be available to the public. It’s important for a person to see and touch something tangible. While we can explain how great and unique the neighborhood is, people will really need to see it for themselves.”

John Adams agrees.

“You really won’t understand Livingston Park until you drive through the front gates,” John says. “A feeling of nostalgia will wash over you as you enter the development. You’ll be greeted by quiet streets, lush green spaces with a great variety of dogwood, hydrangea, and azalea, and unique, one-of-a-kind homes. It’s really a neighborhood to appreciate.”

Livingston Park
(352) 401-9069 – Scudder & Company, Inc.
(352) 843-1472 – Roberts Realty, Laurie Ann Truluck

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