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The Lounge The comfortable sitting area is ideal for both impromptu meetings and longer discussions. Before An oval mirror breaks up the hard corners of the room. The red & gold curtains give the lounge the pop of color it needed. Live plants add ambience to any workplace. Danielle Morris, Interior Decorator, Tres Chic Pull-out baskets are perfect for storing small, everyday items. Nan Manning, Owner, Closetworks

The employees here at Style magazines spend countless hours each month writing, selling, editing, and designing the pages that will eventually become Ocala and Lake & Sumter Style magazines. It’s safe to say we spend just as much time at the office as we do at our own homes. That’s why Style magazines publisher Kathy Johnson wanted to create an employee lounge that was both functional and cozy.

“Our office environment is a reflection of our name ‘Style’ and of the magazines that we produce,” Kathy says. “Plus, the setting evokes feelings of comfort and reduces stress, something we all need while working at the pace we have set.”

Interior decorator and owner of Tres Chic, Danielle Morris had a tall order to fill and used plush fabrics and rich colors to create the one-of-a-kind employee lounge.

“My main dilemma in designing the space was that the lounge needed to serve many functions including serving as a space for lounging, dining, and meetings,” Danielle says.

Danielle also had to incorporate an existing putty colored microsuede couch into her final design.

“Our lounge needed to be a place that was inviting for staff to use both to work and relax,” says Amy Mangan, associate editor who worked with Danielle in coordinating the design project, “so, we needed several different elements to the room, including good lighting, several workspaces (tables), and an elegant and comfortable design.”

Danielle delivered. One of the highlights of the space is the set of chocolate brown armless leather chairs. Danielle notes that if you look closely, these comfy chairs have a gentle curve to them providing for an intimate conversation area.

Danielle, who is known for her unique designs, makes it a point to add a transitional item that blends with the room regardless of the style of the room. The red and gold glass table lamp in the lounge adds a spectacular pop of color and a soft ambient glow when turned on.

Another fun touch is the red antique Asian drum Danielle used in place of a coffee table.

“Designing a room is all about being creative,” Danielle says. “The drum was a fun way to bring in some color, but at the same time, it’s very functional.

As with any busy office, convenient storage is a must. An empty walk-in closet in the lounge area was the perfect space to install a multi-use storage and work area.

Nan Manning of Closetworks had quite a task before her when Kathy told her the closet needed to serve as office storage, a multi-media library, a wrapping station, and possibly a small office space.

“We had a physical dilemma with a soffit that comes down on the left side of the closet,” Nan says. “The left and right sides of the closet had to conform to one another and we had to camoflage the soffit.

Antique white Melamine was used to construct the shelving and raised panel drawers and doors were added to provide architectural detail. The 16-inch deep shelves are perfect for book and magazine storage, while the wicker baskets are ideal for storing wrapping materials and small office supplies. The deep green countertops are Mission Sage from WilsonArt.

To help their clients achieve optimal use out of their closet spaces, the friendly staff at Closetworks does everything from meet with the client to discuss their needs to measure the client’s clothes and count their shoes.

“Our goal is to keep all our closets very functional and beautiful,” Nan says.

And she certainly made the Ocala Style closet meet both those criteria.

Straight from the Decorator
Danielle Morris,
Interior Decorator, Tres Chic

“My main dilemma in designing the space was that the lounge needed to serve many functions including serving as a space for lounging, dining, and meetings.”

Un-Cluttering Your Closet
Nan Manning,
Owner, Closetworks

1. Organize large closets one wall at a time not to get overwhelmed.

2. Make sure to put seasonal items up high and toward the back of the closet. Items you use frequently should be easy to reach.

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