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Trying to decide between home care and assisted living? The senior care experts at Paddock Ridge can help your family understand your options.

When considering care options for you or an elderly loved one, there are multiple options to choose from: adult daycares, senior home care, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities…how do you decide?

Two of the most prevalent choices for seniors who need assistance are home care and assisted living communities. Deciding which option would be a better fit for your family depends on numerous considerations. How much assistance or care is needed? What are your main objectives for care? What is your budget? What resources will be needed on a routine basis?

“When contemplating which option is best, it is not as straightforward a process to just choose a company or community and call it a day,” explains Brittney Graham, Paddock Ridge director of sales. “Certainly, every individual preference is different, but considering the differences casts a true benefit in comprehension. It may actually cause you to reevaluate your original thought process.”

The senior living experts at Paddock Ridge recommend that when your family reaches the point of considering assistance, determine what has triggered you to consider looking in the first place. That will help you evaluate your options. When living at home, there are an endless number of tasks to be done regularly and, at some point, one or more of those tasks become taxing endeavors to complete. That’s when assistance becomes necessary.

Most families will choose either senior home care or moving to an assisted living community. You might be astonished at the differences between the two.

When considering full-time care, we all want the best care we can afford. Most of our senior population live on a fixed income so stretching that income is essential. When comparing the costs of home care and assisted living, one is based on an hourly rate and the other a monthly rate. Local home care agencies cost, on average, between $20-$24 an hour. Local assisted living communities, after the monthly charge is divided by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, average around $4.50 to $7 per hour. While some folks only need limited hourly assistance, if your loved one needs 24/7 care, the costs for home care could run between $14,000 and $17,000 a month—triple the cost of assisted living. Of course you could opt to receive a shorter amount of time and care, if that’s a viable option, but you’d still have to factor in the regular household expenses and maintenance which are included in assisted living.

Both home caregivers and caregivers in assisted living have, at minimum, the training required to work in senior care. With home care, you have one caregiver per shift. In an assisted living community, you have a collaborative team and support available at all times. Why is this important? Dependability. It’s the difference between relying solely on one person versus a team.

As your family considers which will be the more manageable option, the team at Paddock Ridge recommends you make a list of objectives that are important to you. This list can vary but may include the capabilities of providing balanced and nutritious meals daily, a clean and safe environment, an engaging atmosphere, opportunities for socialization and interaction and transportation.

“The best thing to do is your research,” Graham recommends. “We know the choice is overwhelming, which is why we consider ourselves counselors in helping you make the best decision for you or your loved one. At Paddock Ridge, everyone is family, and our goal is to find you the best care solution.”

Call to arrange your family’s free care consultation. No matter which option you choose, they’ll be ready to provide expert assistance at Paddock Ridge.

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