Lupita Montoya & Dawn Tanney | LuDawn Spa & Salon

4620 E Silver Springs Blvd., Suite 502
Ocala, Florida, 34470
(352) 236-5353  |

From the moment you enter the LuDawn Spa & Salon, there is a soothing air of serenity, the pleasant aroma of essential oils and a warm and welcoming greeting.  

The atmosphere, created by co-owners Lupita Montoya and Dawn Tanney, is a haven where clients can indulge in self-care therapies such as massage, skin care, body waxing, hair and natural nail services. Luxurious white silk ceiling drapes and the sound of water running in therapy rooms make one feel enveloped by clouds and nestled in the nurturing lap of Mother Nature. Every element is designed to shut out the outside world so clients can rejuvenate and recover.  

“We make sure you’re a new person from the inside out,” says Tanney. “When you feel good about yourself, able to take a breath, you are able to love more, serve more and be better.” 

“I love taking care of my clients, making their day better with my touch, my words,” adds Montoya. “I want to change their life one service at a time.” 

Tanney has 23 years of experience and Montoya has 16. They opened LuDawn Spa & Salon six years ago.  Among the many specialty services offered is LED light therapy and nano facials, which are designed to re-hydrate the skin and increase collagen and elastin, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. “It kicks out all the toxins so good nutrition can get into the cells,” Tanney explains. 

Pedicure rooms are equipped with massage chairs for ultimate comfort and an expansive hair salon offers a full array of options.

Tanney, who was born in New Jersey but has been in Florida since 1970 and in Ocala since 2001, and Montoya, from Mexico City, have fascinating backgrounds and are quick to share that they have overcome numerous obstacles in creating their special oasis and that their faith sustains them. 

“We are working owners and hire like-minded team members who have a passion to serve other people and we could not be more proud of our team and their outstanding work and accomplishments,” Tanney offers. “This is a hidden gem in Ocala. This is a place of love, where we nurture people.”

“We love our clients,” Montoya adds with a bright smile. “It’s important to do what comes from your heart and we created this space for every person out there.”

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