Magical Morevino

Located downtown on Ocala’s historic square, Morevino has drawn rave reviews for their menu of flavorful handcrafted dishes, delectable desserts, festive craft cocktails and their extensive wine menu, featuring more than 150 bottles of wine and two dozen wines by the glass.

Chef and sommelier Brian Morey, who, with his wife Deanna, owns and operates this stylish but delightfully unpretentious eatery, explains that they want to provide the best possible overall experience.

“Everybody’s got to eat, so you ought to make it feel great,” Brian offers.

He also believes that choosing the right complement to your meal should be equally enjoyable.

“Wine should not be any more mysterious or esoteric than good food,” he asserts.

A highly knowledgeable wine sommelier, having studied wine for two decades, Brian uses his time away from the kitchen to meet guests and help them choose the right wine to accompany their meal.

He developed a love of cooking at a young age, which eventually led to him leading several kitchens in South Florida and operating a cafe in Boca Raton.

“In college, wine was my hobby and food became my passion,” Brian recalls.

“The goal was always to get back in the kitchen,” where he lovingly prepares every order from scratch.

When he and Deanna opened their family-operated restaurant last year, they wanted to ensure the menu included dishes inspired by her Italian heritage and the flavorful steaks that were a part of his Midwestern upbringing. They then layered in classic comfort foods with some delightfully creative dishes like their popular China Town Nachos. The result is a wonderful mix of culinary influences.

Brian grows his own herbs on the restaurant’s back patio and sources as many fresh, local ingredients as possible. He sources the beef for their ribeyes and New York Strip steaks, as well as several cheeses and a variety of soft fruits, from local farms. He also visits the Ocala Downtown Market every Saturday and is always on the lookout for more local items to incorporate into his recipes.

Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, so reservations are recommended. You can also reserve a spot at one of Morevino’s monthly full course seasonal wine and food pairing dinners.

They have a private room available for large family gatherings, parties and business meetings. | 11 East Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala | (352) 304-5100.

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