Man’s Best Friend

K-9 Perfection is a team of three trainers consisting of John Lockett, DeDe Bruno and Damon Hill. Not only are all three highly experienced and accomplished professionals, but they also have a deep undying passion for dogs. Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy and would like lessons in basic obedience or are looking for a lifetime companion in a trained canine protector, K-9 Perfection will make sure your pet lives up to all your expectations as man’s ideal best friend.

The team’s 55 years of combined experience has fostered outstanding results in canines of all sizes, breeds and temperments. Together the team has received well over 100 awards and honors in training disciplines, ranging from AKC obedience to the advanced protection services employed by the military and police.

“My father trained police dogs during my childhood,” relates K-9 Perfection owner and trainer John Lockett. “He gave me my first German Shepard puppy when I was 3, and I’ve been handling and training dogs my whole life,” he says.

Though cute and cuddly as a puppy, man’s best friend can develop into his nightmare if not properly trained. This is precisely the scenario that the team at K-9 Perfection works to prevent in the average household. John, who has been in the dog training profession for over 28 years, has special advice on this matter.

“Most of the dogs that wind up in the SPCA are not necessarily bad dogs. A lot of them got there because the family simply didn’t understand the fundamentals of proper training. Like children, puppies grow in developmental stages. Their training should start at around 3 months of age.” John emphasizes that all dogs should be given the opportunity to learn obedience at an early age. “If you don’t allow bad habits to develop in the first place, you won’t have to waste your energy fixing them later,” he says.

“We’ve trained dogs to be everything from personal protectors to police and drug-sniffing dogs,” says John. “A trained protection dog is an alarm, deterrent and weapon all in one.”

John believes in a positive reinforcement approach to his training.

“Our trainers only take on two dogs at a time; otherwise, they can easily find themselves spread too thin,” he says. During their stay, the dogs are worked and played with daily. Often, they’re taken into public so that they learn to behave in all situations, not just while at the training facility. After the initial stay, the trainer and owner work one on one to ensure a proper transition from class to home.

Along with several obedience packages, the team at K-9 Perfection also offers both protection and guard dog training. John’s training courses are more advanced than many of the basic classes commonly offered. Clients have the option of either leaving their dog with John and his team at their beautiful 6-acre facility or of establishing a training schedule where the trainers come directly to the owner’s home. Clients that decide to leave their dog at K-9 Perfection can rest assure that their pet will receive the individualized attention and care it deserves.

“Once you are my client, you’re my client forever,” says John. He is always available to work with owners over the phone should a crisis later arise and takes great pains to guide all members of the family in responsible handling of their dog.

“Here at K-9 Perfection, saftey is our greatest concern. Our mission is not only to bring back a well-trained pet but to provide each household with a loved and well-adjusted family member.”

K-9 Perfection

(352) 553-7163

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