Medicare Health Center: Your One-Stop to Better Health

Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati has created the perfect one-stop health care center for the Ocala community with the state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot Medicare Health Center.



A revolutionary experience of health care awaits Ocala-area residents at the new Medicare Health Center on SW 17th Street.

“This center will transform the experience of health care in Marion County,” says Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati, who founded MHC with his wife, Rudrama. “Health care in our country is confusing and disjointed. Let’s be honest—we have all had experiences that were less than we wanted, expected and, more importantly, deserved.  We are going to change that.”

Medicare Health Center is the dream of the two long-time health providers in Ocala. Dr. Pagidipati (known as “Dr P.”) was one of the founders of Freedom Health and is an owner of Physician Partners. His wife, Rudrama, is a pathologist and the founder of Suncoast Labs. The two have worked in nearly every facet of health care, so they know how frustrating the health care maze can be.

“We are lucky to have some of the best health care providers in the country here in Marion County,” says Dr. P. “Unfortunately, our patients have to make multiple appointments and travel across the county to see their doctors, pick up medicines or receive labs. Rather than going to 10 different places, why can’t we have one location that addresses the most common chronic conditions. ”

“We are partnering with the local primary care doctors to provide patients access to commonly used specialty services all under one roof. It’s more convenient, less confusing and just common sense,” He adds.

Dr. P. says one in three people in the community are seniors, which amounts to roughly 100,000 people. Although the center is open to patients of all ages, he wanted to tailor the health care services for those that need it most—our senior population. So how are they doing that, exactly?

“We are building a senior community center where our patients can learn to manage their chronic conditions from community doctors, participate in social activities throughout the month and have access to an older, adult-focused gym and wellness center,” says Dr. P. MHC offers television, Internet access and space for games and socializing while patients wait for appointments or prescriptions.

Inside, patients can sit on couches by a fireplace, relaxing while waiting for their appointment. A concierge desk, like those found in the best hotels, will greet patients and direct them to the right location.

In the medical suites, patients will find quality health care that is unparalleled in Ocala. The radiology department will have state-of-the-art MRIs, CT and mammography equipment, including some found nowhere else in Ocala.

“Women will have access to Marion County’s only 3-D mammography,” Dr. P says.

Once MHC is complete, patients will be able to have outpatient surgery, cancer treatments, eye exams, dental exams and physical therapy all in one beautiful, convenient center.

After an appointment, patients will be able to relax in the MHCafe, which features coffee, pastries and sandwiches. It’s the perfect way to pass the time waiting for a prescription or test results rather than sitting uncomfortably in a traditional waiting room. If a visitor needs help with Medicare, staff professionals are available to answer questions for them as well.

Seeing patients as of this past August, MHC’s SupER Urgent Care facility boasts 29 exam rooms to cut down on patients’ wait times significantly with a guarantee of 10 minutes or less. Should they need further examination following their primary appointment, they need only walk down the hall. Having specialists, top-quality amenities and equipment under the same roof as urgent care makes quality patient care convenient.

Also opening this month are the senior community center and conference area, endocrinology and, shortly thereafter, cardiology departments, on-site pharmacy, lab, dental and optometry and ophthalmology.

Visit Medicare Health Center today and see how it can provide you better health care at an affordable cost. The center’s endocrinologists and cardiologists are already accepting patients, too. MHC is open 8am to 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on weekends to offer convenient appointment times for any schedule. 

On November 6, Medicare Health Center will be hosting “The Medicare Expo,” where numerous health providers will be exhibiting the latest in health care developments and providing free health screenings.

In addition, from October 5 to December 12, there will be morning and afternoon seminars educating seniors on Medicare Advantage Programs.

“Ultimately, it’s all about better health,” says Dr. P.  “Combine state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, top-notch physicians and social, educational and wellness activities with 5-star service, all coordinated by our primary care doctors, and we get the world-class health care that our community deserves.”


Medicare Health Center

1714 SW 17th Street, Ocala

(352) 274-9900


Upcoming Events

Nov. 6

The Medicare Expo

​Free Screenings

Meet Local Health Care Providers


Oct. 5 to Dec. 12

Medicare Advantage Seminars

Learn About Medicare Advantage Programs

Compare 2016 Medicare Advantage Benefits​

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