Mobile Tack Service: Anywhere & Everywhere

Mobile Tack Service:Anywhere & Everywhere

You’ll get tack supplies faster than ever when you call Aaron’s Equine Express.

There’s an easier way for horse owners to get their gear repaired and grooming supplies. Aaron’s Equine Express is a mobile tack service for the equine industry. Serving all of Marion County, Aaron’s Equine Express focuses on leather repair and replacement and carries basic grooming supplies and wormers. As the only mobile tack service in the area, Aaron’s Equine Express is a unique way of bringing tack shop services out to the farm. Providing a mobile service allows customers access to a variety of halters and leather goods and instantaneous repair of damaged leather goods. There is virtually no wait to have leather goods repaired or replaced, and Aaron’s Equine Express offers competitive pricing on all repairs, products and related items.

“I have a strong commitment to my customers and believe in honesty and loyalty,” says owner Aaron Hosterman.

Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, Aaron is readily available with expanded operating hours and by appointment, when necessary. His emphasis on high-quality products and exceptional customer service derives from his previous ownership of a leather company that prepared and created a variety of custom leather goods. He was introduced to the horse industry by Henry J. Sexton, who served as a mentor to Aaron and helped him get started in the business.

“Even though Henry isn’t with us anymore physically, he is with me in spirit,” says Aaron. “Aaron’s Equine Express is dedicated to Henry, because without him, this business wouldn’t have been possible.”

Aaron started his mobile tack shop because of the convenience factor. He understands his customers’ on-the-spot need for supplies and desire for a business-relationship they can rely on.

“I know what it’s like to need something and not have it,” he says. “I also know that having something that needs to be repaired requires time to get it fixed, not to mention the time spent waiting to get it back. This was a no-brainer for me.”

Mane combs, hoof picks, Vetrap bandaging tape, utility buckets, salves and de-wormers are only a few of the items Aaron has listed in his inventory.

“I have all the basic grooming supplies that a horse farm uses and offer on-site leather repair,” Aaron says. “The customer doesn’t need to leave the farm and neither do the products needing to be repaired.”

You can call Aaron by phone or go to Aaron’s Equine Express’s website to set up an appointment (on-site leather repair services subject to a $25 minimum). Customers can order products online, as well.

Aaron’s Equine Express was born from big ideas and a lot of dreams.

“This business not only helps me to be a successful business contributor in the community, but it also allows me to be outdoors enjoying my passions in life and all it has to offer,” says Aaron.

Aaron’s Equine Express, LLC

Mon-Fri, 7a-5p

Saturdays by Appointment Only

(352) 431-1582

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