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Whether your home or company needs a major renovation or a few upgrades, Ferrentino & Son is synonymous with quality. A family tradition that started in 1920 with Eddie Ferrentino’s grandfather Amedo (in framed photo above) continues today, three generations later. Eddie’s daughter, Nikki, is the company’s current director of operations and is poised to be its fourth generation owner. Her children, 10-year-old Cody and 7-year-old Caylea, will be the fifth.

Eddie Ferrentino’s daughter, Nikki, is the fourth generation to carry on the
Ferrentino & Son legacy. Her children, Cody and Caylea (pictured), will be the fifth.

 “I’m proud that Nikki is going to be the fourth generation in the business,” Eddie says. “My grandson is already excited about being in the office after school and following in his mom’s footsteps. That’s how I learned this business—by hanging out in the office.”

After a brief hiatus due to illness, Eddie is back at the helm of Ferrentino & Son, and business is flour-ishing.

“We’re in a proverbial recession right now,” he says, “and people are getting much more for their money than they ever could when it comes to remodeling.”

Eddie believes in the old adage, “your home is your castle,” so he says why not be completely satisfied with it.

“Nowadays people stay in their homes longer than they used to,” he says. “It’s important to be comfort-able and have your home exactly the way you want it.”

Whether you live in an historic home that needs functionality and code upgrades, desire a newly de-signed kitchen or bath, or are in the market for a home addition, the professionals at Ferrentino & Son can make your home dreams come true.

Ferrentino & Son, Inc. specializes in high-end kitchen, bath, and whole-home remodels.

“It’s important to be comfortable and have your home exactly the way you want it.”
—Eddie Ferrentino

Known for outstanding service and attention to detail, Ferrentino & Son maintains a small, close-knit staff to ensure each client’s needs are met with professionalism and the highest standards.

“Once you’re a client, you’re a part of that family,” Eddie says, “and you’re treated as such.”

The remodeling process begins with a thorough discussion with Ferrentino’s decision engineers. Either Eddie himself or Dan Spaulding will discuss with the client, in detail, exactly which remodeling options are available.

(L-R) Thomas Steppen, Jayson Leonard, and Bradley Owen are
responsible for overseeing the remodel and field work.

“We’re visionaries,” Eddie says. “We listen to your thoughts, visit your home, and can envision the fin-ished project. Every home is different and every remodel is a challenge.”

Eddie likens the contractor-homeowner relationship to that of a marriage.

“The first few weeks are the honeymoon phase,” he says. “The next few weeks the honeymoon is over, and once the project is done you’re in love again.”

From creating budgets to choosing materials and finishes, the professionals at Ferrentino & Son over-see every step of each home remodel.

“We may not be the least expensive remodeler in town, but you certainly get the most for your money,” says Eddie, who sits on the Marion County license and review board. “Communication is key. We offer free estimates and consultations to every prospective client.”

The staff uses specialized computer software to map out the entire process, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and that the client is fully informed.

Dan Spaulding, Ferrentino’s decision engineer, works closely with clients
to transform their dreams into reality.

Once the decisions are finalized and the remodel begins, Thomas Steppen and Bradley Owen super-vise the field work. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Thomas and Bradley are the “life-blood” of Ferrentino & Son, according to Eddie.

“I attribute our success to the quality work they produce,” he says. “They treat every homesite as if it were their own.”

Eddie teaches remodeling classes to contractors throughout the country, and says one of the biggest problems facing remodelers is miscommunication.

“More often than not,” he says, “the homeowners haven’t budgeted enough money for their project. This is where the specs and computer program come in handy. It really helps us to properly execute a job and keep our clients informed.”

Ferrentino & Son Inc.
434 SW 14th Street
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 237-8800

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