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Shadd and Valerie Daugherty set out to eliminate the hassle from healthy eating, and Muscle Meals 2 Go is their perfect solution. Muscle Meals remove the frustration of preparing portioned, nutritious meals, and that’s just one point on a long list of benefits for customers.

Clean Eating Made Easy

Finding and planning healthy recipes takes time, as does grocery shopping. It’s not uncommon to waste money at the store on unnecessary items or find they spoil too quickly to eat.

“Muscle Meals are a new option for healthy eating that’s fast and easy but health conscious with low sodium, high protein and gluten-free options. These meals don’t just get results you can see, they help you feel better, too. They are designed to give you more energy, control blood sugar and cravings, and give you the feeling of well-being,” explains Valerie. “We provide a variety of meals, so you don’t get bored. What’s the old saying? ‘People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.’ We’ve taken care of that for you.”

Customers submit orders by the weekly deadline, and professional chefs prepare fresh meals for the upcoming week before freezing them. Then, the Muscle Meals are delivered to their drop spot for customers to pick up. They can be thawed easily the night before and microwaved at mealtime. That’s all the preparation they require.

“There’s a small population at our gym that does competitions, but everyone there wants results. Your workout is only a small portion of that. Nutrition plays a huge role in your results, as much as 80 percent,” says Shadd. “When you’re trying to get in shape, you have to know exactly what you’re eating. This works for everyone. We provide the tools to get you there; you just need to bring the motivation and dedication to see it through.”

Unlike fast-food options, Muscle Meals tell you exactly what you’re eating, with accurate nutrition labels for every meal. Muscle Meals come in precise portions for men and women to cater to their bodies’ specific nutritional needs. Meal plans are customizable, too, so customers have the liberty of choosing their ideal meals.

Greg Capitano, 55, has been body building for five years, and Muscle Meals have merged seamlessly with his routine.

“I’ve done the dieting myself, and this is much easier. By eating the proper ratios, these meals make it convenient to build lean muscle mass,” he says.

“The fact that it’s there means I’m not coming home from the gym and snacking or eating while I’m cooking.”

Dr. Kelly McKnight, 40, has been enjoying Muscle Meals for one month. Her interests include CrossFit and weightlifting, and the ease of this service meets her needs perfectly.

“It makes it easy to eat right. Everything is pre-portioned with no preservatives. They’re wonderful and really tasty,” she says. “To make the proper meals without making too much is a huge issue that this solves.”

Thanks to Muscle Meals 2 Go, anyone striving for a better body can achieve it without wasting money or time on food preparation. They’re for anyone trying to meet a goal, from body builders to stay-at-home moms. Shadd and Valerie are proving that seeing results can be convenient and delicious. All it takes is the right fuel, 2 Go.

(352) 445-4478

Muscle Meals 2 Go Drop Spot:

Doc Hall’s Fitness and Nutrition Superstore

500 SW 10th St #200, Ocala

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