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Nikki Serrano was raised in a family of multigenerational private business owners and, after working for a corporate brokerage, realized that she wanted her own business model to be done differently—from the ground up.  

“It is hard work building a brokerage from the ground up, but personal experience and the desire to build something better were the driving forces behind my decision to do so,” she shares. 

She designed her brokerage on the foundation that real estate is a service industry and needs to be handled in a personalized concierge way that is specific to each client and serves their best interests.   

“In handling real estate transactions, there are many aspects that need to be seen to with great and careful attention to detail. There is an art to hearing a client’s needs and producing something tangible for someone based on their needs and wants,” she notes.  

“Each client and customer is different and each one may need many different aspects of real estate for their personal or business needs,” she adds. “We can handle them all under one agency, representing buyers and sellers with listings and selling both leisure and working farms, luxury properties, vacant land and single-family homes. We are professionals with new builds and pre-existing properties, commercial projects, investments and 1031 exchanges. Stellar Real Estate handles them all.”

Serrano’s success has been built on her knowledge of the market, knowing the specifics of economics globally and locally, and continuing to grow while staying true to the foundation of Stellar Real Estate.

Paired with her education and personal experience as an investor in real estate, the depth and expertise of Stellar Real Estate means it is capable of the reach and scope of a global agency. 

“It is not a corporation that is self-focused, but one that is focused on our clients which, in turn, is not only good for business, it is the business. At our foundation, we offer concierge services from a boutique full-service agency,” she states. 

From the beginning, she found pathways forward that continually helped her grow and learn. That is how she created a strong and vibrant foundation for building a new kind of real estate brokerage—for building something Stellar.

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