Ocala Style December ’20

It is when times get tough that a community finds its strength. In this final issue of 2020, we meet with local officials and business leaders who reflect on this year’s challenges, responding to community needs, keeping spirits high, and staying connected while also observing a responsible distance. We also sit down with the Ocala Style team to flip through the pages of previous issues to round up our best-loved and most inspiring stories and images from this year. In our new travel series, Driveable Destinations, we take you to beautiful and historic Tallahassee for a mix of outdoor adventure and delicious “farm to fork” eateries, as well as introduce you to three popular rides to get you there in style.

In this issue, you’ll also see a friendly and familiar face as we profile the legacy of one of Ocala’s most influential and lifelong community advocates, learn about Marion County’s early history with steamboats on the Ocklawaha and Silver rivers, and get in the kitchen with local foodies for sustainable and simple meals fit for the season.

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