One-on-one Care, One-of-a-kind Products

First popping up in Naples, Fla., in 2005, then in Norcross, Ga., in 2008, the chain made its way to The Villages in 2010; a perfect complement to the area’s 60,000-strong pet population.

When owners bring their pets to Diva Doghouse, Brenda wants them to feel like family. She knows her customers are very close to their pets, often treating them like children. When visiting the boutique, all canine companions have their photos taken, and the photos are posted on the Diva’s Friends Wall—Diva being Brenda’s Yorkie and the shop’s namesake.

“It’s just a fun atmosphere,” Brenda says. “People come from all over. There’s something different everyday and something for everyone. Never a dull day.”

There’s never a dull moment for shoppers, either. The boutique features everything and anything a pet could want, ranging in prices from $5 organic treats to $1,000 Swarovski crystal collars. T-shirts, tutus, harnesses, toys, luxury bedding and pet home items are available in enough variety to meet the style needs of any breed.

Brenda attends several trade shows throughout the year to make sure that Diva Doghouse keeps up with the latest trends and stocks up on the newest styles in pet couture, customizable accessories and spa products.

“Our clients want to have one-of-a-kind items for their pets,” Brenda says. “They’re crazy about their dogs and even try to outdo each other with their pet’s outfits” she laughs.

And having four dogs of her own, Brenda has experienced the passion of shopping for pets. This is part of the reason she took on this venture, constantly looking for unique and high-end items for her pets.

“I researched for three years to find something different,” she says. “I wanted to be more upscale and luxury. I wanted to do something one of a kind.”

And luxury it is! In May, the boutique expanded to offer spa services to its clientele. The full-service spa extends to its guests every service imaginable, from basic grooming to pedicures and polish. Spa services are by appointment only to ensure pets get expedited and undivided attention by the professionals at Diva Doghouse.

It’s a perfect opportunity for pets to be pampered while Mom and Dad shop for themselves at The Mercantile across the street. Or, while puppy parents have a bite at the Tea Plantation next door, pets can nibble on treats from Diva Doghouse’s organic gourmet bakery.

Not only does Diva Doghouse keep pets in the latest fashions, it’s also a shop with a conscious. Diva Doghouse works closely with local pet organizations and rescues to help find homes for the less fortunate Fidos and Fluffys in our community.

With open arms to every pet and its owner, Diva Doghouse takes pride in its specialized customer service by providing one-on-one care and one-of-a-kind products day after day. This is definitely a doghouse you’ll want to be in!

Diva Doghouse

1111 Canal Street / The Villages, FL 32162

(352) 750-3482

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