Putting Privacy and Safety First

Emergency care at AdventHealth Ocala gets consistently high marks for being high-quality, safe and patient-focused. With the recent renovation and expansion of their ER, the hospital is committed to serving the community better and faster.

AdventHealth Ocala recently completed a second phase of expansion of its emergency department at its 1500 SW 1st Avenue location. The first phase, started in February, added a new façade, new waiting room, three trauma rooms, 20 private patient rooms and a nurse’s station. In the most recent phase, a bariatric imaging area was added and the number of private patient rooms was expanded to 42. By converting the patient rooms, the hospital is joining other top medical centers across the nation in changing the patient experience for the better.

For many, the vision of an ER is a cramped waiting room and large open wards with patients on gurneys lining the walls or occupying cramped, shared rooms, barely separated by a curtain divider. Creating private rooms gives patients and caregivers more space and privacy, and it allows for increased infection control. It’s difficult to prevent patients from catching infections when they are mere feet from another sick person.

“This is just one way we’re investing in our services to strengthen the impact and quality of the health care services we provide to our community,” explained President and CEO Joe Johnson.

AdventHealth offers three locations for emergency care: AdventHealth Ocala ER at 1500 SW 1st Ave., Ocala, FL; Children’s Emergency Department at the same location, adjacent to the ER; and AdventHealth ER TimberRidge at 9521 SW State Rd. 200, Ocala, FL.

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