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Ocala, I’ve known you my entire life; however, I feel like we are about to get much more familiar with one another. I’m Jesse James, a lifelong resident of the area, raised in Belleview, though I’ve finally made the move to the big city of Ocala.

From my first moments, I’ve been around the automotive world. My father was a technician at our local Toyota dealership in Ocala before opening Rising Sun Import Car Service when I was in kindergarten. To say that I’ve gotten acquainted with cars would be a slight understatement. Throughout my younger years, my interest in cars waned, replaced by a real passion for art, music and anything creative; although, automobiles were still a big part of daily life.

As I grew into my teenage years fun was my only objective, and I continued to explore my creative side. Upon making it through high school (BHS, stand up!), I went to work with my father, immersing myself more into the world of auto repair than ever before—like it or not. However, I discovered that my happiness was not in working in a hot, greasy shop; it was in my ability to be creative.

After a few years of self-exploration and loafing—I mean working—an incredible opportunity to let my creativity shine was placed in front of me. I started writing for a website called, covering mainly music at first before diving into topics like style and fashion, food and drink, art, architecture, tech and more. Little did I know, all of that prior history of life around automobiles was about to pay off.

I expanded into doing automotive reviews several years ago, driving some fun, incredible and, yes, not so incredible cars in the process. Using the knowledge that I’ve gained from being in the automotive industry has led me here—to you. I will be providing you with insight into some great new rides that are hitting the road, offering a look at all the high-tech and unique aspects these modern vehicles offer us as everyday drivers.

I’m more than just an auto guy. I’m a sucker for great style, I’m a massive sneakerhead, I love art and music, and I especially love folks who are passionate about anything creative. So, now that we’ve all gotten a little more familiar with one another, look for me around town. Come say hello! Let’s talk cars, style and pretty much anything else you have on your mind. Oh, and, please feel free to buy me a drink!

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