Servin’ the Streets

From the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile to the youthful days of ice cream trucks, traveling food and street vendors are an American staple. And now, with the rise of social media, food vendors are able to get the word out about their locations more quickly, allowing them to build up a following unlike ever before. It’s a revolution. Want to grab some grub on the go? Stop by one of these trucks and pick up lunch or dinner today.

Stationary Stations
You’ll find these food trucks parked in a specific location through Marion County. Check them out for some good cookin’!
Mmmpa Lumpia
Usually parked on the corner of SE 36th Avenue and SE 24th Street at the Qwik King in Ocala
To help supplement the days of retirement, Mary Ellen and her family invested in a food truck, and Mmmpa Lumpia came to be. Lumpia is a non-traditional “Filipino” fried spring roll filled with chicken, pork or beef. With eight lumpia choices named after characters from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the Veruca features spicy ground beef and peppers wrapped up with a blend of cheeses, while the Willy is a sweet treat—choose between apple, cherry, peach or banana, served with a caramel or cocoa-hazelnut sauce.
Accepts cash or credit; open 4-7pm Tuesday through Saturday
(352) 816-5790;

Big Lee’s BBQ
4596 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala
Rashad Jones and his wife, Patrice, have always enjoyed cooking with friends and family. After entering a cooking contest and winning, they reveled in the moment and decided to take their love of cooking one step further by investing in a food truck. Patrons can expect authentic, Southern-style barbecue, including slow-smoked brisket, pulled pork, chicken, ribs and more. Don*t forget the homemade dessert each week, too.
Accepts cash and credit; open 5pm until the food is gone on Fridays, 11:30am-5:30pm Saturdays
(352) 817-7914;

Ely’s Cuisine
11642 N Williams Street, Dunnellon
When Elizabeth Williams was pregnant with her first son, she had the overwhelming desire to eat Bolivian tamales, so she did the next best thing and decided to start making them herself. Afterward, at every party she was invited to, her tamales were a hot commodity. When she moved to Florida and had trouble finding a job, she remembered her love of tamales and thought she might be able to make a business selling tamales from a food truck—the rest is history. In addition to her famous tamales, Elizabeth sells Boars Head hot dogs, Polish sausages, knockwurst, Italian-style meatball sandwiches and more.
Cash only; open 11am-3:30pm Monday-Friday, closed Tuesdays
(708) 990-5903; Facebook and Twitter @elyscuisine

Dippity Duey’s
Located at the intersection near Exterior Spaces Landscaping and Garden Center in Oxford
After 28 years in the furniture business, Duey Cyr closed up shop at his showrooms. He had to think long and hard about what he wanted to do next. With a longtime love of cooking under his belt, Duey decided to take a chance and open Dippity Duey’s. His sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients and marinades.
Accepts cash and credit; open 6:30am-1:30pm Monday-Friday
(352) 267-5144; Facebook @Duppity Duey’s

Smokin’ Swamp BBQ
NE corner of Old Jacksonville Road and NE 49th Street, Ocala
After spending 31 years in the corporate world, Greg Guynn left to find gratification in something else. Growing up, he often cooked for his family and friends and found joy in providing for others. A food truck seemed like a natural progression from the business world. Greg specializes in simple, popular BBQ foods, such as beef brisket, chicken and BBQ spare ribs. And you’ll love his traditional sides, like baked beans, mac ‘n’ cheese, French fries, coleslaw and more.
Open Thursdays through Saturdays

Yum Yum Kitchen
13101 W Highway 326, Ocala
Chef Regan Reid, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, finds the freshest, in-season ingredients to offer customers the best the region has to offer. Customers can expect fresh to-go food, such as the Hawaiian pork rice bowl, blackened salmon BLT, big burrito, blackened crab cake rice bowl and much more.
Accepts cash and credit; 8am-3pm Monday-Friday
(352) 425-0108; Facebook @Yum Yum Kitchen

5400 W Hwy 40, Ocala
Growing up, Robert Stewart recalls spending a lot of time around his grandfather’s BBQ pit. Robert’s early introduction to BBQ led to a life-long love and as he grew, his interest in cooking and BBQ blossomed further. A desire to work on his own without a boss led Robert to start his own food truck business. He specializes in, you guessed it, slow-smoked, Southern-style BBQ cooked on pecan wood chips.
Accepts cash and credit; 11am-5pm Monday through Saturday
(904) 566-2480,

Taqueria Lupe
7277 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala
Delfina Rojas Lupe came to Florida from New York where she used to own a food truck. Some quick research of the area revealed that while there were several brick-and-mortar Latino restaurants, Ocala was lacking a designated Latino food truck. So Delfina did the natural thing and moved her food truck to Ocala, starting up her successful business once again. Guests can expect traditional foods, such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches and Mexican soft drinks of all flavors. Try the cucumber lemonade as well!
Accepts cash and credit; open at 12pm Tuesday through Saturday
(917) 645-6684

Travelin’ Trucks
Hanging out at a local festival or concert? Chances are you might see one of these trucks at a great event.

BJ’s Fresh Express
With diverse culinary backgrounds, owners Jennifer Enriquez and Bobby opened BJ*s Fresh Express after watching the food truck movie Chef. Bobby has eight years of experience creating traditional, deep, Southern flavors, and the team specializes in gourmet burgers, fresh-cut fries and entrées of Americana fame. Try the Gunboat specialty burger, featuring grilled pineapple, tangy BBQ sauce and white cheese, or the Red Caboose, which comes with chipotle mayo, jalapeños, bacon, crispy onion straws and pepper jack cheese.
Accepts cash and credit  / (352) 512-2884; Facebook and Twitter @bjsfreshexpress

Cora’s Kitchen
After years of considering opening a brick-and-mortar store, a change of heart prompted Bobbi DeClue to make her move. A friend who owned a truck in Orlando told Bobbi about a food trailer they had for sale, and she jumped at the opportunity. Cora’s Kitchen became a reality. Her extensive menu includes tasty items you might find in grandma*s kitchen, from buttermilk-battered chicken tenders to hot dogs and her famous vegan tacos.
Accepts cash and credit / (352) 857-6917; Facebook and Twitter @coraskitchenllc

Spanky’s BBQ
Growing up in a family with deep Southern and outdoor roots, a passion for pit cooking and grilling was instilled in Michael Hunt at an early age. After a handful of competitions with his son at his side, the duo was hooked. Several first place finishes encouraged the team to start a competition truck and take their food on the road. Spanky’s offers award-winning gourmet burgers, mac and cheese, green beans and ham, smoked baked beans, Grandma*s potato salad and more dishes you*d find in the South. You can find them at various events throughout Sumter and Marion Counties.
Cash only / (863) 440-4024; Facebook @spankysbbqfl

In memory of his grandmother, Fely, RB decided to start a mobile restaurant to share Filipino cuisine and culture with the masses. The menu is based on family recipes handed down from RB’s mother and new innovations created just for BaBoyz. The truck serves traditional Filipino cuisine with many Asian/Spanish fusion-influenced dishes. You can find them at various events throughout Central Florida.
Accepts cash and credit / (407) 797-3408;; Facebook and Twitter: @baboyztruck

MeatUp Food Truck
After contemplating opening a Brazilian restaurant, Charles and Valeria just couldn’t decide on a location. The movie Chef prompted them to begin researching food trucks, an option that could bring them the best of both worlds—a way to make and sell their great food from a variety of locations. You’ll find the MeatUp Food Truck at local events throughout Marion, Lake and Alachua Counties. The pair sells Brazilian-style steak dinners, sandwiches and wraps, rice and beans, yucca, plantains and classic American favorites such as burgers, hot dogs and fries.
Accepts cash and credit / (352) 455-1180;

The London Fish & Chippy
When the overhead was too high to start up a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Ashlie Miller began looking into a food trailer instead with her daughter, who has a background in catering in England. The London Fish & Chippy truck serves everything seafood with a side of chips: fish, calamari, scallops, clams, conch fritters and shrimp, and don’t forget the homemade Butterbeer while you’re there! Based out of Eustis, look for them at local events throughout Marion County.
Accepts cash and credit / (352) 602-6532; Facebook: @The London Fish & Chippy

Pour N Smoke
After helping a friend prepare food at a local event, Paco Alpizar found a newfound passion for food service and settled on opening his own food truck. Paco serves up everything from Southern-style BBQ and award-winning brisket to deep-friend jalapeño and cheese cornbread. Feeling brave? Try the Chaos: a 16-once cup layered with pulled pork, baked beans, crushed Fritos, nacho cheese, sour cream and parsley flakes. You can find them traveling all around town.
Accepts cash and credit; 11am-10pm Tuesday-Sunday
(352) 857-4915;; Facebook: Pour N’ Smoke Bbq & Grill

Pawpaw’s Kitchen & Catering
After seeing other trucks around the area, Okie Lanier realized that he wanted to start up a truck himself, and so Pawpaw*s Kitchen was born. Here you’ll find fresh fish, shrimp, beef and chicken hoagies; hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, French fries and more. Pawpaw’s Kitchen also offers catering for weddings and large events, so give them a call today for reservations.
Accepts cash and credit / (352) 816-1994; Facebook: PawPaw’s Kitchen & Catering

Papa Pineapples
After spending 14 years with the 351st Military Police Company of Ocala, Scott Snyder began looking into options for beginning and running his own business. Previous restaurant experience led Scott to purchase a food truck online and open Papa Pineapples. Although his menu may change from time to time, one thing you can always find on Scott’s truck is pressed Hawaiian or Cuban sandwiches. Yum! You can check them out in Leesburg and at local events around town.
Accepts cash and credit / (352) 598-6492; Facebook @Papa Pineapples

Sweet Tooth
If dessert is what you’re after, be on the lookout for these sweet trucks.

Kona Ice
Find them around town at schools, day cares, parks and summer camps.
Kona Ice of Ocala began in May 2013 and is one of the fastest-growing food franchises in America. Beyond the ice, they have donated more than $60,000 to the community of Ocala. Kona’s shaved ice comes in more flavors than you can imagine.
Accepts cash and credit
(352) 804-5662;, Facebook and Twitter @Konaiceocala

Coolands Soft Serve
Check them out at local events!
Jessica Cooper fulfilled her lifelong dream to own and operate a food truck when she opened Coolands. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Patrons can expect tasty, soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, waffle cones and bowls, and more.
Accepts cash and credit
Facebook and Twitter @coolandsoftservellc

Grumpy’s Homemade Ice Cream
Find them at Marion and Sumter County events and more.
After the passing of their son, Jason and Dawn Reed were looking for a change. When the opportunity to take over a friend’s ice cream business presented itself, the pair went for it. The homemade ice cream comes from their own recipes and is served in a variety of cones. Or, you can take home a pint to enjoy later!
Accepts cash and credit
(352) 216-9661; Facebook: @Grumpy’s Homemade Ice Cream

CupKay’s Cakery
See them out and about at events around the county.
After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu with honors, Kaylee Pelton decided to open up a cupcake food truck instead of a brick-and-mortar store. Along with her fiancé, Adam, she travels to area festivals, concerts and events to serve the public. You’ll find gourmet cupcakes, coffee, seasonal desserts and even cupcake-shaped breakfast staples like biscuits and gravy.
Accepts cash and credit
(352) 516-9118; Facebook: @CupKay’s Cakery

Doggone Delicious
One of those days when only a hot dog will hit the spot? These food trucks have you covered.

Rudy’s Dawgs
You’ll find Rudy in both Belleview and Summerfield.
In 2009, after getting laid off from his job, Rudy Robles opened a hot dog stand in Belleview. It was an immediate hit. His son, Rudy Jr., decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, opening the second location of the family business in Summerfield. The Boar’s Head all-beef dogs and sausages are done up New York style and are cooked to perfection in a red onion sauce.
Accepts cash and credit; Belleview hours: 11am-4pm Monday through Saturday; Summerfield hours: 11am-6pm Monday through Saturday
Belleview: (352) 804-8141; Summerfield: (352) 300-0210; Facebook: @Rudy’s Delicious Dawgs

Sandy’s Hot Rod Dogs
Catch them around the Magnolia Business District and local events.
A longtime love of cooking (and a desire to start her own business) led Sandy Amaturo to purchase her own hot dog cart this past October, officially opening Sandy’s Hot Rod Dogs. Customers can choose between all-beef franks and smoked Polish sausages. Of course, all the fixin’s are available as well.
Accepts cash and credit; 11am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday
(352) 425-3665; Facebook: @Sandy’s Hot Rod Dogs

Amanda Hotbuns
8575 SW Hwy 200, Ocala
Rain or shine, Rich Grazmick, Linda Deloatche and Amanda Deloatche provide their customers with a lunch they’re sure to remember. The Sabrett hot dogs and smoked sausages are served with your choice of toppings, including a crowd favorite, sauerkraut.
Only Accepts cash; 11am-5pm, Monday through Saturday
(352) 895-3462

Your Favorite Restaurants—On The Go!

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
Look for them at local events.
Bruster’s offers fresh, homemade ice cream flavors of the highest quality.
Accepts cash and credit
(352) 622-2110;

Mojo On The Go
Look for them at local events and around town during lunch hours.
A taste of Florida through fresh fish, Latin pork and Caribbean dishes with Ox tail, curry goat, blue crab tacos and a whole lot more.
Cash only
(954) 812-5982; Facebook: @Mojo On The Go

Tilted Kilt
Look for them at local car and bike shows.
Tilted Kilt offers hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, tenders, pulled pork, Philly steaks, chicken Philly sandwiches and more, all served with a tasty twist.
Cash only
(352) 351-5458;

See them around town at local events.
Customers will find their favorites served with a little something different.
Cash only
(352) 484-0365;

An inspiration for food-truckers everywhere, Chef is a 2014 American comedy-drama film starring Jon Favreau. His character, Carl, starts the movie as the head chef at a high-end restaurant full of unimaginative luxury foods. Following a bad review from a prestigious food critic, Carl leaves to open a food truck, taking a friend and his young son along for the cross-country ride. Their “real” sandwiches and sauces are a hit from coast to coast. You can stream Chef on Netflix or purchase a digital version on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes or Google Play.


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