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Businesses looking for the utmost in quality warehousing, storage and logistics services need look no further as the highly successful European-based storage company Shelter Storage recently celebrated its first year of American business right here in Ocala. Their company philosophy when it comes to your storage needs: reliable, affordable, accessible and secure service.

Reliable, Affordable, Accessible, Secure

For those who already call Ocala/Marion County home, it’s no secret that our area is thriving. According to the Nielson Company, the county’s population grew 30.8 percent from 2000 to 2011 and is projected to grow close to another 10 percent over the next five. After facing a turbulent economy, the community has rebounded with a vengeance as more businesses are realizing the potential for growth that Ocala/Marion County offers. Shelter Storage is one of those businesses.

“Ocala is practically a mid-point between major cities like Atlanta and Miami, making it an ideal location when it comes to logistics and distribution,” says Bradley Thompson, general manager of Shelter Storage. Based on the prime location with the proximity to the interstate as well as a number of seaports and businesses, the decision to base the American affiliate of the European-based Shelter Storage in Ocala made perfect sense.

Shelter Storage is not a self-storage company but rather an independent warehousing, storage and logistics company. Their main clientele are businesses that may be too small to warrant a contract with a trucking company yet too large to rely solely on any one freight forwarder for their needs. The recently established Shelter Storage of Ocala is an affiliate of the already highly successful Shelter Storage B.V. of the Netherlands. To date, Shelter Storage B.V. provides over 1 million square feet of indoor storage and 1.4 million square feet of outdoor storage throughout its four facilities. They have been an industry leader in the warehousing, storage and logistics business for over 25 years and handle cargo for transport over inland waters. The company also serves as a forwarding agent, ship broker and charterer of goods throughout Europe.

The expansion of Shelter Storage onto American soil came in January 2013 with the opening of the Ocala location. After taking note of the area’s potential for business and economic growth, Ocala was deemed the ideal spot for the company’s first American location. Since then, Shelter Storage has experienced major success, as businesses are both witnessing and experiencing the key components of their up-front and honest business philosophy.

“Businesses want reliability, affordability, accessibility and security with regards to their storage needs—it’s that simple,” says Bradley, quoting the company’s business philosophy. He notes that for a storage company to be successful, they have to guarantee protection. Shelter Storage offers “watertight security” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A variety of goods, from small electronics to full-scale machinery, are protected against fire, theft and damage 100 percent of the time.

Although the company is experienced in providing this high level of service to larger companies requiring expansive space, smaller companies need not feel excluded.

“We provide the same level of service for small companies as we do for the large, well-known world brands,” he says. Similarly, as larger corporations may require long-term services, Shelter Storage will accommodate all situations, providing storage solutions from one day to as long as needed. That flexibility is another key component of Shelter Storage and part of what makes them different from other storage companies.

Martin Dollenkamp, warehouse and shipping coordinator for Hitec Power Protection, notes the appeal of Shelter Storage’s flexibility. Hitec Power Protection supplies Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and utilizes Shelter Storage for their storage needs. During any given time, the company’s storage needs change depending on the equipment they need to use. Although other companies may charge regardless of how much space is used or isn’t, Shelter Storage will only charge for the amount of space actually being utilized, saving clients money as their storage needs fluctuate.

“Being able to just pay for the space we use is our primary reason for not building a storage hall of our own,” says Dollenkamp.

Shelter Storage is not limited to storage services, though, and has plans to expand over the coming years. After one year of business, Shelter Storage has compiled a complete business model and plans to expand services to rival that of their international affiliate. They have plans to proceed with the further development of commercial space for warehousing and storage purposes to accommodate import and export businesses throughout the United States and Europe. They also intend to provide businesses with superior logistic support and play an integral role in the organization of transportation services for their products.

Based on the success of their European affiliate, it’s no surprise that in the short time the Ocala branch has been open the business has already made a name for itself as one of the top warehousing, storage and logistics companies in the state of Florida. As economic conditions continue to boom in Marion County and businesses realize the difference Shelter Storage has to offer, there’s no doubt this company is destined to be an industry leader in America.

Shelter Storage

1417 SW 17th Street, Ocala

(352) 840-9600

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