Sinus Issues: Solved

Dr. Scott Nadenik offers personalized, state-of-the-art sinus care for his patients, including in-office balloon sinus dilation.

It’s all about individualized patient care and sinus relief for Dr. Scott Nadenik, DO of Ocala Sinus Solutions.

“I’m very passionate about this,” he says. “I love helping patients find solutions to their sinus issues.”

Dr. Nadenik has practiced as an ear, nose and throat physician in Ocala for the past 20 years, and he is on staff at all area hospitals. He graduated from Midwestern University/Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993 and completed his residency in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery in 1998. Dr. Nadenik is board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. The focus of Dr. Nadenik’s practice has always been caring for patient’s sinus conditions, and he offers a complete range of treatment options for patients who suffer from sinus headaches, pressure, congestion, poor breathing and recurrent sinus infections.

In-office balloon sinus dilation is one of the exciting options available for patients suffering from chronic sinus conditions.

“Balloon sinus dilation opens the natural sinus passageways to allow the sinuses to function properly,” Dr. Nadenik explains.

Dr. Nadenik uses local anesthesia to numb sinus tissue before inserting a small, deflated balloon through the nose and into the sinus passageway. The balloon is then expanded to open or dilate the natural sinus pathway. It only takes five seconds for the inflated balloon to restructure the sinus tissue. The balloon is then deflated and removed. The entire procedure will typically take between 30 minutes to an hour.

“I started performing balloon sinus dilation procedures in 2010,” Dr. Nadenik says. “Initially we utilized this wonderful technology in the operating room arena, but in the past several years, many patients have wanted this done in the office setting to avoid going to the operating room. The technology and advancements have definitely allowed me to provide this procedure for patients in the office.”

Dr. Nadenik explains that in-office balloon sinus dilation also offers patients a much quicker recovery, and patients can typically return to work within a couple of days.

“In my practice, every patient is treated as an individual,” he says. “Sinuses are very much like a fingerprint. Everyone’s anatomy is put together differently, so each patient requires a very individualized approach.”

Dr. Nadenik’s experience and passion are clearly evident. Since he began his practice in Ocala in 1998, he has performed thousands of sinus surgeries and balloon sinus dilations. Dr. Nadenik loves seeing the significant improvement in his patient’s health and comfort. Many of his patients have suffered for years with chronic sinus issues, and having the ability to improve their quality of life is extremely rewarding.

“Having patients tell me that they no longer experience sinus headaches, pressure and infections is one of the most rewarding parts of my practice,” says Dr. Nadenik.

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